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Photo of BStock
Lightroom: Ability to delete the default develop presets
I really would like to be able to delete the develop presets that ships with LR3. I don't use them as they are in the way of my own prese...
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Photo of Pete Greene
Lightroom mobile: I would like to synchronize over LAN instead of internet
LR mobile sync is extremely slow. Giving me an option to sync locally would be excellent. And I'm sure very useful for professionals trav...
  • 70 me toos
  • 27 replies
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Photo of Anne Sell
Photoshop: Get rid of the obligation to confirm a transform
I use Photoshop daily at work, and often on my own time. I have never once found the obligation to hit Return to confirm my transform to ...
  • 2 me toos
  • 0 replies
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Photo of Robert MacWilliam
Lightroom Classic: Support for HEIC file format
Support for HEIC file format was included in Lightroom CC but still is needed in Lightroom Classic.  When will it be added?
  • 82 me toos
  • 44 replies
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  • Under Consideration
Photo of Arkadiusz Raj
Photoshop/Lightroom: Support for full-screen apps in macOS
I must say that full screen apps is a wonderful idea. I can start in such a way some of the apple apps (safari, imail, numbers) - I like ...
  • 87 me toos
  • 81 replies
  • Idea
  • Under Consideration
Photo of Robert Rissmiller
Lightroom CC: Ability to print
We really need a "convenient" way to print.  Some of us still like to create prints to hang on a wall.  While I know the printing is stil...
  • 48 me toos
  • 13 replies
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Photo of Mark Payne
Color Range - Hand Tool and other conveniences
-This may be a Windows only issue, but the spacebar (hand tool) seems to focus on the invert button rather than the hand tool, if you che...
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Photo of Stephen Halstead
Lightroom Mobile: Ability to keyword multiple images
  • 4 me toos
  • 2 replies
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Photo of Wolfgang Eilers
Lightroom: Allow facial recognition feature to re-index a folder/collection
Currently it is not possible to invoke a re-indexing of facial recognition data at either the global or folder/collection level. For my p...
  • 160 me toos
  • 68 replies
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Photo of Thobias Ⓒ
Adobe Portfolio integration and fuctions
Right now, there is only one possibility to sync pictures with Adobe Portfolio (LR mobile). However I cannot use it because of lack o...
  • 3 me toos
  • 1 reply
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Photo of T1r1
Lightroom Classic: Add the possibility to disable full image preset preview
In the latest update, full image preview has been added when hovering presets. While this is fantastic and really useful most of the tim...
  • 74 me toos
  • 47 replies
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  • Under Consideration
Photo of Chavalit Likitratcharoen
Lightroom: Please add layflat paper offered by Blurb in Book module
Please add layflat paper offered by Blurb in LR module. Thanks
  • 62 me toos
  • 46 replies
  • Idea
  • Under Consideration
Photo of Yukiki Yeung
Lightroom mobile: Ability to export more than 15 photos at a time
Here is our conversation about CS and me Naveen GK: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service. Naveen GK: Hi Yeung yeung y: Hello yeung ...
  • 32 me toos
  • 21 replies
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Photo of Ramon Lembicz
Lightroom mobile: Before and after: Make "Before" view the "as Imported" version from Desktop
Hi - in mobile sync when I look at the "before" version it is always related to the first version that was synced to mobile but not to th...
  • 3 me toos
  • 7 replies
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Photo of Tom Auger
Photoshop: Ability to update/edit brush presets
This is a no-brainer that should make its way ASAP into 13. Provide users with a way of tweaking their brush settings and then SAVING ...
  • 30 me toos
  • 14 replies
  • Idea
  • Under Consideration
Photo of Pete Roberts
Lightroom: Colour coding folders and collections to simplify navigation & cataloging
I find it difficult to navigate folders and collections in the LH panel. To some extent this is because I (unwisely) chose to use similar...
  • 154 me toos
  • 83 replies
  • Idea
Photo of Jeff Kennedy
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Ability to invert negative scans to positives
I would dearly like to see the Lightroom 4 Beta team implement an additional feature in the final release. That feature would be the abil...
  • 43 me toos
  • 35 replies
  • Idea
Photo of Luke Riggall
Blur tool in Express iOS
There is currently no blur feature in Photoshop express for iOS 8 on iphone. Can you make this a tool please? Most photo apps can now hav...
  • 2 me toos
  • 1 reply
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Photo of Joseph Denslaw
Photoshop: Printing Artboards on separate pages
We do multiple web banners and love to create all the different sizes on there own artboard in the same file for consistency, the ease of...
  • 6 me toos
  • 8 replies
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Photo of Dieter Wunderer
Lightroom: Add text, etc. to photos the Lr style
The current situation to add text or elements to photos is not satisfying and in my opinion does not fit the genuine core concept of Lr, ...
  • 9 me toos
  • 11 replies
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