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Photo of ANdreas KOch
Lightroom: LR 4 user interface, and Develop slider response very sluggish
Hi, I updated from LR3 to LR4.0 yesterday and I observe a significant delay when I move sliders in the develop module. the delay excee...
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Lightroom: Performance and optimization: LR is slow
LR 4 is excruciatingly slow. Until Adobe is able to do something about this I am recommending my students and readers continue to use LR ...
  • 202 me toos
  • 295 replies
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Photo of jimkit
Camera Raw/Lightroom: Fuji X-Trans Support?
Is Fuji X-Trans support being worked on? I appreciate that the support is better now than it was, but the reality is that Lightroom is...
  • 185 me toos
  • 157 replies
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Photo of Clayton King
Photoshop CC 2019: Transform/Resize is constrained by default - Want ability to go back to legacy behavior
When selecting a layer and dragging a corner handle with the shift (or alt-shift) key pressed, the resize proportion isn't constrained. T...
  • 124 me toos
  • 87 replies
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Photo of John Isner
Photoshop CC 2015.1: New user interface lacks contrast and many usability cues, lots of other problems
I just updated to Photoshop CC(2015) version 2015.1. Adobe changed the UI to the flat look you see on phones and tablets. I do not see ...
  • 116 me toos
  • 222 replies
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Photo of Brady Miller
Photoshop: No image preview on Open dialog box (CS6 and later)
The preview window in the "Open" dialog box on Windows is gone in Photoshop. So if I click on a PSD file (once) to preview it, there isn'...
  • 87 me toos
  • 159 replies
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Photo of Jao van de Lagemaat
Lightroom Classic: Should be able to Sync full raw files to the cloud, not just smart previews
Lightroom Classic, like Lightroom CC (what a confusion this naming causes!) should be able to upload full raw files to the cloud and not ...
  • 80 me toos
  • 10 replies
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Photo of Adrian Hilmmer
Photoshop CC 2015: Unresponsive, laggy, slow, super laggy scrolling via mouse wheel on Windows
Next Problem! Since our update to Photoshop CC 2015 we are noticing much more problems: 1. Photoshop is really laggy and unresponsi...
  • 51 me toos
  • 65 replies
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Photo of Brian Davis
Lightroom 2015: Unresponsive (hang/freeze) after several minutes of use since Windows 10 upgrade
I upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday. I've had Lightroom installed for several months without any issues on Windows 8.1. I upgrade to Windo...
  • 48 me toos
  • 52 replies
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Photo of Dan Herman
Lightroom Classic CC: Branding a total catastrophe
I've used Photoshop since v1.0 in 1990, and Lightroom for some years. I've also been a professional software dev and product manager for ...
  • 46 me toos
  • 30 replies
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Photo of LRuserXY
Lightroom 6 / CC2015: Very slow UI response with background export(s) running
Lightroom 6 / CC2015s UI reaction is very slow / sluggish when a background export is running. When three exports are running, the develo...
  • 45 me toos
  • 100 replies
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Photo of Jerry Syder
Lightroom 2015.6 Extremely Slow
I am not sure if this is the best place to post this but I am extremely frustrated! This version is extremely slower than the previous ...
  • 43 me toos
  • 59 replies
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Photo of Brian Kipnis
Lightroom Classic: "An internal error has occurred: ?:0: attempt to index a nil value"
When I delete photographs from catalogue + disc, I am now consistently having the following error dialogue box pop up in LR Classic CC: ...
  • 42 me toos
  • 42 replies
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Photo of Lynne
Photoshop Express: Sept 13, 2013 update for iOS missing purchased additions
In app purchases missing after updating to the 'new look' PS Express today 13 September 2013, all my purchased borders and effects such a...
  • 39 me toos
  • 42 replies
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Photo of Rikk Flohr
Lightroom CC: I do not see my People view populated
This is the thread where we are tracking People views don't show any persons issues. 
  • 34 me toos
  • 59 replies
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Photo of joachim barrum
Photoshop cc 2017: UI scaling needs 150%
I'm really disappointed to see that the HiDPI UI scaling in Photoshop CC 2017 Windows is still broken/useless :( This has been reported m...
  • 32 me toos
  • 24 replies
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Photo of Tanja Schulte
Lightroom: Laggy sliders on Windows with Wacom tablets
[Update: Many people report laggy sliders with Wacom tablets on Windows unless they disable the Windows Ink option, in which case they lo...
  • 30 me toos
  • 38 replies
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Photo of Alex
Photoshop: Preferences to turn off auto-commit and double click to edit text
It's cool that you guys added the addition to auto commit and double click to edit text but please add into tool preferences the ability ...
  • 27 me toos
  • 18 replies
  • Problem
Photoshop CC 2019: Free Transform/Distort tool inconsistency
Hello, using the tool Free Transform (Ctrl+T) in the new version of Photoshop CC 2019 (release 20.0.0) on a Windows 10 64 bit PC, I'm no...
  • 26 me toos
  • 20 replies
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Photo of Andrew Newton
Elements 13-up: Slideshow missing features, unable to support upgrade from earlier versions
I recently upgraded from Elements 9 to combined Elements + Premiere 13 with the express intention of creating a DVD from a slideshow crea...
  • 25 me toos
  • 30 replies
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