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Photo of paul
Camera app
Create a separate app for the camera. One that opens as fast as phones natives apps and that syncs with LR as well as with the phones pho...
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Photo of Chris Ferenzi
Feature Request: Faster Cropping
I’d like to have a fast cropping mode on iPad where you don’t have to tap “Done” after each photo and then tap to re-enter crop mode for...
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Photo of Sparky
android tablet camera support
From research it looks like Lightroom does NOT support the cameras on Android tablets.  I have a Samsung GalaxyTab S4 Android version 9. ...
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Photo of Brian Crow
Photoshop: HEIC Support
Photoshop does not support HEIC images that are created using the new iOS?? I'm sure Apple didn't keep it a secret. Sounds like another p...
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Photo of Kshitij Garg
Color profiles for oneplus phones
Hi, Can you please create raw colour profiles for oneplus phones? The raw that comes out of the phone is really flat and colourless and...
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