Zoom to 100% based on camera's AF point / or area of focus

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The Z key ( or some Z+modifier shortcut) should zoom to the AF point in the image. Having Lightroom zoom into an image wherever I last zoomed into a previous image, (or to the centre) is unhelpful. I really want to zoom in to the point of focus, which is where the AF point used would be.

Nikon camera's support this data in their RAW files, I think other cameras do as well - perhaps not all currently, but this is something Adobe could take on and design for.

Alternatively, Adobe could analyze an image and zoom to the point of focus based on a focus mask (like Capture One presents) - so that even manually focused images would get zoomed to the area of the image that is most in focus.
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You can set LR to zoom to the clicked point which not quite what you want but may be useful.  There is also a 3rd party plugin called "Show Focus Points"  (www.lightroomfocuspointsplugin.com) that will show you all your focus points and which one (or ones) the camera chose.  Attached is a screen shot from one of my Canon DSLR's and another screen shot showing extra camera metadata that LR does not provide

Shows all FP's (black) and the one used (red)

Zoom in on legend on right side

Even if you it doesn't allow LR to auto zoom to focus point it's a neat plug in to have handy anyway.


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Thanks Dan. I do know about the single option to adjust zoom though - not really what I'm presenting here though.

And ya, no plugins — this should be a native supported thing Adobe does.
Options to "Zoom" and "Zoom to focus area" are both worthy, both should be hot-keyed.
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Fuji cameras also record the focal point location.  Agreed it would be really useful to have a shortcut key to zoom 1:1 direct to the focal point, especially with as modern cameras now include eye tracking etc.

Update: I’d prefer a separate key/combination for this as I do find it useful for subsequent photos to zoom to the same place as previous ones, especially when reviewing multiple photos from the same set and comparing facial expressions etc.