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 have been a user since photoshop was 4.5, so I have a few requests that I know people want that adobe hasn't addressed and would like to see if they will now implement since it seems it never gets a nod.


1.) to allow a user to import adobe illustrator documents with layers and allow them to be edited with the vector tools inside of photoshop.

I know you can import them as rasterized layers....


2.) have after effects recognize masks on grouped layers in photoshop.


3.) be able to apply multiple masks on a single layer without having to group them.


4.) be able to apply a gradient on a curved path instead of the default linear way


5.) Please fix the 3d tools they are very clunky. You should be able to change the pivot point of the axis of a layer and rotate it like after effects solids without having to go to an alternate workspace. I would also like it if the layers could be bent or folded on an an x, y, or z axis (like a bend deformer) but still be able to be editable if a person changes their mind.

6.) the transform tool you can initiate a grid to deform it in the options, a helpful ability would be to also be able to change the amount of grid lines and be able to adjust the falloff of influence on the points themselves to the image. 

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Posted 2 years ago

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Some of these I believe are already feature requests here, but even if you don't want to search for them and add to them, you need to offer one Idea at a time. Otherwise, we're voting on all at once, which means Adobe doesn't know who is voting for what feature. 10 votes for one feature is different from 10 votes divided by 6 features.

So if you can stand to make separate Idea messages for each of these, I think they're very good ideas and people will want to vote on them.