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I am long years photoenthusiast.  After buying new DSRL I needed to stop using my loving NikonCapture NX-2. I buyed twenty month ago perpetual license Lightroom 6. The Ligtroom I see as excellent tool. Butnow after two years was ending the functionality of MAP module. For me is thismodule essential. I was considering buying Ligtroom Clasic CC. But there is possibleonly the bundle of CC 20 GB + LightRoom Clasic CC + Photoshop CC.

The problem is that CC Cloud andPhotoshop CC is fully redundant for me. Therefore the value of this plan formoney (in Europe circa 14 USD /month) is very disadvantageous.

I think that It would be verynice "Christmas gift" for all current users of LR 6 to add planonly for Ligtroom Classic CC for much lower subscription price as existingbundle. It would be very appreciated as compensation for canceled LR 6 MAPmodule.

 Butfrom the point of wiew of Adobe customer I se the following that  in real workflow bring the Lightroom Classic CC any advantages for me.

I know allnew possibility, but I do not need them.

 I have iPad Pro 10,2 but when I testthe workflow in comparison to the desktop, I make the conclusion thatediting photos on tablet need photo journalist only (but I think only seldom-they have powerful laptops with big volume SSDs always also). I see editing on  phone/tablet only a toy.

I usenotebook HP ZBook 15 with 1TB + 2 TB SSD with HP Dock, mouse, keyboard and 24"DELL calibrated display. For the photo backup I use Acronis True Image and asbackup medium high-speed Samsung T5 SSD 2 TB external disk.

I use manyyears Dropbox cloud and Apple iCloud. I use them only for things whichbrings me some additional value.  In my position of photo enthusiast, I donot see any sense to transfer big photo dates to and from Creative Cloud. CreativeCloud area in our country need big data subscription and the internetconnection is much slower as for example in the US.

 Twenty months ago I have pay circa 200- USD (Europa price)for Lightroom 6.  Adobe did not  warned me that essential MAP modulewill not work after November 30. 2018!

Adobe offerme as replace only the bundle with three items which I will NEVER use. I do not need any regular LR 6 update, the speed on my HP laptop is notlimiting me, I do not plan to by new DLSR  (Nikon D300 + Panasonic GX80).The added feature of LR 7 CC are not essential.

 In myposition as renter is 14,- USD monthly (Europa price) in comparison to 0 USD,  absolute no "greatdeal". The average rent per month is  at Slovakia circa 480,- USD. And for example gallonof petrol cost at Slovakia 5,5 USD!.

 I just want 20 months old LR6to work after November 30. 2018 as before!

Do you thing that to warn that essentialMAP module will stop work circa 1 year after buying is good business practice? I think that is immoral.

 I know the source of stopping is new Google map API but I think thatsuch rich company as ADOBE should not have   absolute any problem tochange the API for Google map in the LR 6 a release extraordinary LR6 update inspite of proclamation that the update 6.14 is the last.

I am convinced that ADOBE does not considerindividual small customers.

Paul from Slovak republic
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Beings you won't get Lr6 fixed and probably won't get a Lightroom Classic only package then you could try this Mapping Plugin.  It looks like it does a lot more than the built in Map Module.  This would keep your Lr6 useable if you absolutely have to have mapping.  Jeffrey's plugins are apparently excellent.

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And a note, the LR plan has not changed prices since are launch ..... Just a lot of other features have been added, LR CC, Free access to Portfolio, Behance and Spark, it does not need not ask Adobe to change the current policy for photographers, even if LR CC is not yet at the top, nor the Internet for that matter. I think you newcomers to the world Adobe for Photo still have to learn how to use all of these tools correctly or find the benefits in your photo projects.