Photoshop: Workflow Idea: New Option, Duplicate Background When Opening a New Image

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Workflow Idea: Almost every professional Photoshop User makes a duplicate of the Background as the 1st step when opening a new image. So why not add a check box in Photoshop Preferences > Workspace > Options like this... "Duplicate Background When Opening a New Image". It will be unchecked by Default.
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Posted 5 months ago

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I never do this and I know a lot of fellow working pros who never do this. You could easily script the feature if you wanted, though. Use Script Events Manager and give your duplicate layer a unique name that you can test for so you only duplicate the background once.
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Yep, Photoshop can already do this. See this thread for general instructions for setting up script events. You'd just have to record an action that duplicates the background layer for step two - or use a script instead of action (if you want to add logic to only do it if the document is a single background layer)
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I also never do this. I open documents in a variety of states from various different places, so I want to control whether or not I duplicate the initial layer (whatever type of layer it is) on a case-by-case basis. Cmd-J is certainly quick enough for me.

Since the Event would always occur on Open Document when using the Script Event Manager, I consider it more trouble than it's worth. But couldn't your action use the Conditional If Current Layer is Background, then play Action (Duplicate ), else None? As someone who doesn't script at all, I'd prefer to use a conditional action than get into adding "logic" with a script. <BG>

Is the Script Event Manager able to handle a conditional action?
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I teach Photoshop and I tell my students not to do this. It only increases the file size and has little or no benefits. I know that the idea is that you somehow 'safeguard' the original image by making a duplicate of the background, but I think that is nonsense. If something happens that corrupts the image file, then your original background will be in that corrupted file too. Make a copy of the image if you want to safeguard the original. And make backups.
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Good idea.  I would like to see this implemented.

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I never do this.