Lightroom: Will there be a version 7 stand alone program?

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Will there be an LR 7 stand alone program? Not everyone wants/needs all the programs in the CC.

PLEASE keep making stand alone programs for those of us who are hobbyists and enjoy the results we get from LR. I do not use/nor want PS or other editing programs and CC would be a waste of money for me. Again, please continue stand alone programs.

Will there be at least an LR 7?
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Posted 2 years ago

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It's an understandable plea, and this is the right spot for it.

Adobe hasn't announced either way yet, and no one who knows the answer is at liberty to share that information until there's an official announcement I'm afraid. 
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Calm, pleasant and informative as always, Victoria. Thank you! 

My opinion is that they will continue to offer the standalone product for exactly the reason Laura states...some (many) photographers want the power of Lr but don't want or need Ps. Losing those customers (some who would eventually want or need Ps) would be silly.
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Victoria, thanks for the confirmation that this is the right place to post this.

Steve, i hope you are right. I'd love to continue using stand alone LR!
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I have been using Lightroom since version 1 am currently on 6. I am an OAP but before I retired worked in IT and can fully understand Adobe going subscription in the commercial sphere, it makes total sense. However as a hobbyist it is of no interest to me I do want perpetual licences though can understand that running them alongside subscriptions would be a nightmare for Adobe to 'police'.

The problem though for Adobe extends beyond Lightroom 7 it includes people like me who shoot both stills and video, Elements doesn't cover it. So without access to Premier and After Effects I have turned elsewhere and the problem with that is that once you break the "Adobe Habit", On1 Raw, Affinity Photo, Resolve and even Blender become your new tool set. 
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I will, among many, many others I'm sure, be cancelling my photography plan as soon as I have time to find a suitable alternative to the Lightroom desktop application. The coffee shop frequenting marketing folk at Adobe have got this so wrong, an enormous number of photographers work in remote areas with limited or no internet access and want to review and edit their images there and then, and certainly won't have the bandwidth, never mind the cost, required to edit multi-megapixel raw images over the internet. Dumb, dumb, dumb!!! They claim the change is from user feedback, but neither I nor, many people I know, who use Lightroom were asked our opinion. A shame and a pain in the ass having to find and learn yet another application after the demise of Aperture.
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Let's keep this focused: Erik and others who work in remote areas will be able to do so with LR Classic CC, which is the "offline" version of LR CC. However, users of LR Classic CC will have to pony up $10 a month, every month, to keep the software activated. There's no longer a way to make a one-time purchase of LR (other than buying the no-longer-maintained LR 6, which will find its obsolescence before long). THAT's the problem here.