Revel: Why was the Revel plugin for Lightroom removed?

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Posted 6 years ago

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I'm puzzled. I allways update my Lr installation with every new version. Posts in this topic date back 10 months during which I used Lr 5 with a fully functional Revel plugin.

I guess I was lucky.

No longer so after installing Lr 6, which killed the plugin.

Interesting how Adobe has been posting rather pointless comments and suggestions on the matter. Use my browser? Lr mobile?

Just joining in this thread to cast another vote to


or surprise us with a rock star alternative.

For all you people sharing in the frustration, give Flickr plus Jeffrey's Flickr plugin a go. The plugin keeps all my smart collections (12,000 picks and counting) totally in sync with multiple Flickr accounts for public, private and commercial work. Flickr offers 1TB of free space per account and managable privacy controls. It doesn't have the clean looks of Revel but I like it better than Dropbox, OneDrive or Picasa. Moreover: it does most of the job that Adobe doesn't seem to care for.
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Seems adobe only care about CC and monthly fee required to use those function
Revel was probably not a gain bar so...
The way it is soooooo haaaaarrrrd to find how to buy LR6 and not LR CC is a good indicator. Everything is do not to be able download buy LR6
I'm actually switching to flickr too in fact



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Thhankkkk you !!!
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I stumbled on the Revel app for my iPhone this morning and got all excited.

I am currently using Lightroom to publish to OneDrive. Works very well and I have 10TB, yep, 10TB of space because of my subscription to Office 365. Top that Apple and others!

So I launch Lightroom 5 to see how I can start publishing to Revel. Hmm. No plugin. What?

Who makes these dumb decisions in Adobe? What on earth possesses these decision makers to annoy their customers? Where is the logic in this?

Like someone commented above, I was going to make Revel part of my Adobe dominated workflow. Not now!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Revel and Light Room Ap.

I used to use Revel and loved it. However, I've upgraded to an online subscription with Light Room and Photoshop CC. I'd really like to continue using Revel to share albums and pics with family and friends and am, frankly, mystified (and disappointed) that this no longer works. My suggestion is to make it possible to use Revel with LR and CC.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Requesting Adobe Revel plug in for Lightroom!.

I am trying to get a plug in to Adobe Revel through my Lightroom. I was told through a customer service chat that it's not available right now. Was Revel just a Beta test? My friend shared some photos through it and I can't get it to work for me with Lightroom as shown in some Youtube videos. It is not in the "Publish Services" dropdown menu, just the competition. I would love to be able to use it! I have wasted 3 hours researching this!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom support for Revel?.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lack of support for Revel in LightRoom. Is Behance to replace it?.

I am a premium subscriber to Adobe Revel and I am feeling frustrated with the lack of better integration with other Adobe products. Mainly I am now finding out that the Lightroom plug in is no longer available - not that it worked well to start with, but knowing its limitations, it was manageable. Whats the future of Revel? Is it being phased out in favor of Behance? We have a new and shiny Bahance plug-in loaded by default in Lightroom. What's this all about?
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Lightroom can sync your collections between your desktop app and the Lightroom Mobile app, similar to the functionality of Revel. Please check out this page for setup help and a summary of the functionality:
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Please read what we are posting. Our issues are NOT solved with Lightroom mobile.

See my comments above. (repeated here).

To make this as simple as possible, let's say we've taken pictures that we want to share with family. By share, I mean allow family members to download full resolution copies. (Not share meaning they can see them on facebook.)

When Revel worked with LR I could easily do this. They could download the ones they wanted - though the ability to download ALL of them would have been a much appreciated improvement. Revel was far from perfect. But it worked.

Also as an archiving solution, Revel was another place my pictures lived if something went terribly wrong with my other backups. If I made changes to photos in LR, those changes could be pushed to Revel - updating my backups. Ditto for those pictures shared with family/friends.

Given these two uses for Revel (the only two I care about), I find it completely maddening that LR mobile is continually suggested.

First, if you are going to constantly tell people to use LR mobile, why are you still collecting money for Revel?

Second, LR mobile does NOTHING that I use Revel for. Sharing photos a few at a time via email or social media . . . ? Um, no. That isn't what we are looking for.

Third, I've PAID for Revel.

Fourth, how hard can it be to RESTORE functionality that used to exist. Why have you stripped Revel???

I KNOW Revel can be used independently. BUT IT SHOULDN'T HAVE TO and any potential elegance of using both programs is lost when your LR edits don't sync to Revel.

Can an Adobe representative PLEASE acknowledge the legitimate concerns we have here??
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Good written. Adobe is unable to hear the Voice of Customer. What I hope is people will massively buy LR6 instead of stupid and useless LR cc and someone will be able to write a plugin. Obviously Adobe had to solve a problem with his unless and stupid flash plugin. Finally there is a justice


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Please Mr. Charlie D. : Read carefully Jan Thomson comment and explain to other Adobe representatives !!! Adobe should finally understand that Lightroom Mobile DOES NOT cover our needs for sharing our pictures with friends and family !!! Great job Jan :)
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one year later than the claim of Jan Thomson I don't see any improvement. When ordering Adobe CC including LR and PS plus Revel I expect from such a dedicated and professional company for image management and processing that alle their solutions work together. otherwise it doesn't make sense to stay with one company.

Is there any solution I haven't identified?

PS I am not an IT nerd, solutions have to be easy in handling and operation.

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Well I think we got our answer today as to why the plug in was disabled!
Revel is discontinued as of Feb 2016!

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