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Why not just offer your Adobe line as a "rent-to-own" option of having Adobe products be "cloud"-based while people are paying for them weekly or monthly, while you return to offering standalone versions along side your current pay-per-month Adobe CC option, so that you reach both people who want to own the software standalone and those others who want to access Adobe products with monthly payments, and can optionally pay towards owning it as standalone?

Then once they've paid a total amount of the Adobe CC software at a price similar to the original standalone prices of previous Adobe products, they can keep the product as standalone, and even continue to pay monthly for upgrades as desired. That way, you can satisfy everyone and you won't have to retract this Adobe CC deal.

There are a lot of people who desire and even need to buy Adobe products available as offline and standalone, and there are a lot of people willing to pay monthly for access to Adobe products as they need it. And some people fear issues such as being stuck with a new version of Adobe CC that some of their previous plugins don't yet support.

Believe it or not, while some people may shamelessly steal your software (and there's little you can do about them), many others would like to pay for the software if they had better payment options. Many people want to be proud legal owners of your software, as legally owning your software has become the mark of professionalism.

Not sure if you're aware of this or not, but Adobe Photoshop CC has already been pirated. If Adobe CC was in part (or in large) an effort to help thwart piracy, it hasn't worked. If anything, it's only just made some pirates look like "champions of justice" to some disgruntled freelancers and small businesses who previously bought legal standalone copies before but simply can't live without your Adobe products.

There are some people who have no shame whatsoever, and will continue to do things wrong, just out of determination. But there are many others who just simply want to have more options to fit their situations in life. Not every professional could afford to buy Photoshop at standalone price, but not every professional can afford to continually pay for their software as a service. There needs to be a middle ground, and "rent-to-own" is perfect.

If you consider this suggestion, I can guarantee that you'll probably double, if not triple, your earnings if you do this, because you'd be pleasing three sides of the market: the standalone buyers, the people who'd prefer to only access Adobe products when needed, and those who'd like to make payments towards the standalone.

And while you won't rid piracy (again, there's little you can truly do about leeches), many people (particularly small businesses and freelancers) would rather do things the legal way, provided if you give them better options. It'd certainly reduce a lot of the excuse of those who do turn to it so shamelessly. I hate piracy, and I esp. hate seeing such great products suffer from such shameless rates of piracy. Quality is worth every penny.

But I think this current "software as service" model of Adobe CC as being the only option is just about the worst thing you could've done towards that problem. Adobe CC has done noting to avert piracy of your products, as well as just making loyal customers suffer under having this model. While some certainly haven't had many problems with your Adobe CC, many others have, even among those who are Adobe CC customers. Why not change that by simply having more options?

Whomever receives this, please consider bringing it to some top dogs at Adobe. This is brilliant, if I do say so myself. Consider this idea I'm suggesting here, and it'll be the best business move in the industry. You'll not only recapture your longtime Adobe customers, but you'll do a 360 on your image. You'll be innovators of online marketing. You'll lead the way of a whole new way to market software. And you'll come out smelling like roses to some disgruntled customers who haven't warmed up to Adobe CC. Just think about it.

(And maybe I could have one of those standalone copies of Photoshop 14 and Illustrator 17, just as a little gratitude? My only request.) [*writer chuckles*]

Sincerely, Brian Lockett

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