Photography: Raw File Support - Requests and Information?

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I just got a new camera and Camera Raw and/or Lightroom does not recognize the raw files, has no camera-specific profiles or has some features not enabled. What do I do?
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Official Response
For a complete overview on camera support in Photoshop and Lightroom, visit the following article:

Why doesn't my version of Photoshop or Lightroom support my camera?

  1. Make sure your version of Photoshop or Lightroom is up-to-date for the latest camera support.
  2. If you own an older version of Photoshop (CS6 or earlier) or Lightroom (5 or earlier), Adobe provides backwards compatibility for the latest cameras through the FREE Adobe DNG Converter.
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Why should I have to convert my CR2 files to DNG when my camera is supported by the up to date Lightroom?
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This string no longer refers to my problem re Lightroom and my Nikon D850. Get with the program Tranberry.
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And maintain two versions of the same picture? (either in two separate files, or have the RAW embedded in the DNG)
I don't think so. Bad workaround.

Lightroom INCLUDING OLDER VERSIONS should be updated with new RAW profiles/formats. The RAW formats reader is a separate engine (hopefully) shared between at least Lightroom and Photoshop. Why can't an older Lightroom not use the newer formats, just like Photoshop can? Just use what's there, and don't impose arbitrary limits.

That, or just update older Lightroom versions as well. Forcing users to BUY an update is an what's known as a dick move.
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> Why can't an older Lightroom not use the newer formats

Because the camera manufacturer's don't use a standardized format for their raw files, unlike, for example, the JPEG format which is recognized regardless of which camera it comes from. Some camera manufacturers do use a standardized format, so even old versions of Lightroom work with their new cameras. You might like to talk to your camera manufacturer about the possibility of them doing the same, since they're the ones you're paying for the new camera.
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I wished Adobe would also provide a converter, converting imported RAW-Files in iPad Pro to DNG.... Lightroom CC for my personal use is virtually useless since I still find JPG files created by my Lumixes are still by far not as good (DR, contrast, sharpness) as the real RAWs produced by those cameras.
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Keep in mind the frustration here should not be directed at Adobe but at the manufacture of your camera forces, demands a proprietary raw format that Adobe has to hack to support. IF the manufacturer would simply provide a switch to save off a DNG (as they do when you want another open file format, a JEPG), you’d have support the day the camera is released. But the manufacturers by and large don’t do this. They make you wait for Adobe to get their hands on the camera system (which they have to pay for) and figure out how to convert that data in their converter. This is true for ALL other 3rd party converters too, not just Adobe. The bad guys here are the manufacturers! DNG is an openly documented format and free to use, just like your JPEG. They could save off a DNG, a proprietary raw and/or a JPEG if they wanted to with nearly no costs to them. If more end users directed their frustration at the manufacturers instead of Adobe, maybe, maybe they would do this.
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We don't think think that CS4 is obsolete and DNG is the 'firmware' needed to let CS4 read your newer files.
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"In other words: force us to spend a few hundred bucks on an upgrade every 3 to 4 years instead of every 18 to 24 months ... "

You aren't "forced" to upgrade at all!!! They provide the FREE DNG CONVERTER so you don't have to! In essence, they are providing virtually unlimited backwards compatibility FOR FREE for people that spend thousands on new camera equipment that didn't exist when the host code was created, on sale, or purchased.

"Allow the new ACR to run with CS4."

Read what's being written to you. It's not a matter of "allowing" it, it's a matter of supporting older APIs and development environments while at the same time supporting the new ones too.

How can you presume to know more about the software the developers are developing than the developers do? Isn't that the height of arrogance?
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@Lee Jay: You missed ... the thread you wanted to post into is the one above. But no matter.

You and Andrew seem to like that FREE thing. It is not free if it takes a lot of extra time and changes file formats, forcing the risk averse to maintain two copies (I sure would.) So it is FREE only for people who do not value their own time or their resources.

Further, you take the naive view that Adobe has no obligation to support future cameras once you have spent your thousand bucks. Wrong. It is an axiom that new cameras ship every year so ACR will be updated at least every quarter. DNG is one solution, but N-1 support in ACR is far better for someone who spent the big bucks.

You've bought into the "woe is us" story about everything changing and all our machines are old and dying. But N-1 means CS4, which was never running on those old and dying machines. And if it was, so what. They need to cycle their lab resources just like everyone else. That part of the story is pure CYA. The part about everything changing does not hold water because they've been doing it this way for a long time, and everything did not change every release. AND ... the plugin interface did not wildly change because we know for a fact that other plugins run fine on both.

That you cannot see CYA when you read it does not surprise me. As for your charge of arrogance ... it is not arrogant to be skeptical of logical flaws.
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That you cannot see common sense, won't listen to reason, and continue to argue something you lost long ago... also doesn't surprise me.
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@Chris: The post to which you are replying has been supplanted by a dozen others since then.

I do not quite get what I lost? I am arguing with Andrew because he is acting rather puerile, which is a little out of character for a partner in a respected plugin company like pixel genius.

But I am not arguing with you since you played the "decade old machines and API changes" card, as if that somehow defeated my premise that N-1 support is rather easily accomplished. You consider that explanation common sense, while I consider it much closer to nonsense. No argument to be had.

It remains my opinion that Adobe *chooses* not to give N-1 support for demosaicing.
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New camera support added today in LR 4.1 RC2 :

Fuji X Pro-1 owners, there is information for you on the upcoming availability of your camera's support.
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My Canon 5D Mark III now RAW files are now running in LR 4.1 Thanks! Back to work!
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G7, LX100, 7D MKII, X100T are on the radar. Hoping to add these in an upcoming update. Stay tuned. We'll announce updates here.
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Here's the real problem:   It's not a precedent set by Adobe, it's your camera manufacturer who should furnish the converter.   It's just like Windows being furnished a .dll files to connect with apps - the app manufacturers supply those.   I wouldn't buy a camera that doesn't supply a converter.   Get a message to your camera manufacturer.