Lightroom: Why do I get the "file could not be moved to recycle bin" error message when deleting pictures

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Quite often when I press Ctrl Back space to delete images, there will be just one that gets left behind with the attached error message

there is no reason given, and no way to address the problem, so its a bit frsutrating to keep leaving images behind.

Any thoughts?
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Posted 9 years ago

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It may well be a threading issue. I was a programmer, retired now, and I wrote plenty multithreaded code over the years. I know what my users would have said if I'd had a bug like this and I'd said something along the lines of "It's multithreaded - what do you expect".

It's a bug, it affects day to day use of the UI and it needs fixing. This has been going on for years. If they can't fix it they're in the wrong business. If they can't be bothered to fix it their support is a disgrace.

Having said all that I remember from decades ago there was an explanation of an error in IBM's DLI database software which said something along the lines of "There are many millions of paths through the DLI modules. Sometimes one will cause an incorrect execution of the logic". IE - tough bananas.
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I would expect there is a solution, since the cause is known, but the task prioritization doesn't allow it to be addressed.
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That puts it in the "disgrace" category then ;) Don't forget,

(1) this "can't move to recycle" bug has crossed major releases and has been reported since at least 2007, admittedly in slightly different guises. It has been reported on Macs and Windows versions.

(2) it affects, in a very visible way, the library functionality of LR, one of it's major selling points.

I can live with the thing, as I have too much effort invested in LR, but it annoys me every time I process new batches of photos and clear out the non-keepers. I also think that it's indicative of very poor customer support.
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This fixed my issue, but there may be many causes.  

    CAUSE:  Lightroom was opened with user account  (BOB) permissions, but the photos were owned by the 'root' account. 

    FIX:    open terminal,  navigate to folder with photos.    run these two commands. 
               sudo chown -R BOB:staff *
               sudo chmod -R 777 *

From LR's perspective the OS function to delete files fails, it would be possible for them to add different error messages based on the return code given.