Why are Adobe apps so dreadfully slow on my system?

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Dear Adobe,

please stop wasting my time! I am an avid user of Photoshop, Flash & Flash Builder, Acrobat, Illustrator. I design, build and program museum exhibits and have been using Adobe applications for years.

But this rather recent madness has to end: why does it take *several minutes* to boot an application? Why does my state-of-the-art $4000 PC freeze for 20 seconds or more on several occasions while working with Adobe programs? Everything feels slow, slow, slow. If I count the minutes of precious time I waste every day trying to work with Adobe programs, my boss would decide then and there to stop using Adobe stuff.

Please, hire some real programmers and go back creating the great software you made 15 years ago. Software that wasn't feeling sluggish, responded on every click of mouse or keyboard and only took more time when expected, like when rendering, compositing, mixing, compiling.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Photoshop launches in under 30 seconds on the slowest, most pathetic laptop we could find. On a normal system it launches in under 10 seconds, and on a good system (SSD, lots of RAM, etc.) it launches in under 1 second.

Most users don't see performance problems like you are reporting. When we've seen some similar problems in the past, they were caused by external factors (bad antivirus, bad RAM, bad hard disk, etc.). Once those factors were fixed, the performance went back to normal.

And most of the Adobe programs don't share code - so there isn't much common between them that could cause similar symptoms.

So, the bigger question: what is wrong on your system that is causing slowdowns for you?
Can you give more specific details of where you see slowdowns? Can you tell us about what troubleshooting you've done on your system to identify the cause of your system wide slowdowns?
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Hi Paul,

Three items:

Please review the Welcome to the Photoshop Family Feedback Site - Getting Started & FAQ which include the Community Guidelines and Company & Customer Pact.

This site is only monitored by the Photoshop Family product teams, so if you have feedback for the other product teams, please direct them to the specific product teams here.

This document may help with your Photoshop specific performance issues:

How to tune Photoshop CS5 for peak performance

Hopefully that helps. If there are specifics around commands/operations that are slow, let us know. Thanks.
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no one likes the truth, Adobe should do something about their laggy software. rendering small video clip in Photoshop takes forever! (Google it) im on i7 4950 4ghz raid 0, 1gb read 1 gb write drive. so it takes 3 secs to boot (if no errors with your cloud kaput service) so other guy is right. you are out of touch with coding.
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Start-up time and rendering time are dependent on a lot of factors. Rendering a video will take much longer to render if Photoshop filters are applied to them. Start-up time can take longer if a lot of plug-ins or fonts are loading.
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Yes. Paul's absolutely correct. Adobe products need to be addressed. The bloat that CS has been experiencing over the past ten years is resulting in their products becoming the slowest on my system. Adobe continues to deny any problem on their end with their heads firmly planted in the sand. Address the problems Adobe. Stop pretending they don't exist.
I've been using Photoshop since version 1! As a senior video games artist for Activision, I know that adding a feature may result negatively somewhere else. As more and more good clones of Photoshop (like Krita) become available, Adobe really needs to get honest with itself and start addressing some these bloat problems which are resulting in terrible performance issues.