Photoshop: Why isn't the Surface Pro 3 more popular among PS users?

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I've seen several demos involving lower end SP3s that appear to function decently though there is very little feedback in regards to more sophisticated utility. With the implementation of the scalable UI and an app that offers better pen sensitivity customization I'm perplexed why there isn't a much broader interest (positive OR negative!) in this set up.

When I think about being able to use a pen on screen with PS I get rueful, dreamy, and ultimately sad I'm not doing it. Even multi touch can be enabled for zooming/rotation; so what gives?

Aside from simply being too expensive ($2000+) I can't imagine why the interest is so underwhelming. Thoughts?
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I think it will over time, it is a sweet system. It ran me about $1500 for the i7, 256 gb version. As far as price is concerned, I found it to be on a par with equivalent systems, like the Lenova Yoga(?) Sure, you can get a much cheaper laptop, but, when you throw in an SSD, an i7 processor, 8g of ram the fabulous size, then it is at the same price level as the competition, so it is not excessively priced. Sure the starting price for the base unit is high, but the slope of the price increase is quite shallow. I do not think that you can find a device this thin and powerful for a lower price.

It does take some getting used to as we are used to using mice rather than styli, but you can use a mouse with it if you want to. I like to think of it as poor man's Cintiq. That is the tablet by Wacom that uses a computer screen for the tablet.

While this will not replace a desktop, it is great for traveling. I recently spent a week at Disneyland and it was great to have a system this light and small. I did not have to use a large laptop bag as in the past because everything I needed for it could fit in a small camera bag. Even the power supply is small!

I think in time it will become more common. It does have some issues, the Windows OS is not resolution independent, so sometimes it can be difficult to read the screen because of the high resolution. But, the images are gorgeous. My sp3 is evolving into a graphics machine, and a magazine machine. Reading eMagazines on its 12" screen is great. I have Photoshop and Lightroom on it, plus all the PS plugins, Perfect Photo, Topaz, Noiseware, etc. I just have to keep practicing with it to become more fluent with these programs.

It took MS a few tries, but they now have winner. Of course, all the promos are aimed at the average user so you do not here much about the real power available.