Why is Lightroom 7.3 so buggy and a step back again?

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Just installed 7.3 and I can't get to terms with how buggy and awful Lightroom is again. What is happening?

First batch of imports from a 5D Mk4 went wrong by not applying the develop preset selected. I was able to apply the preset after import though. Then I did an export of converting tiff files to jpegs and for 503 images it took more than 7 hours. Yes that is hours not minutes.

I was in the Develop module and simple things like adjusting exposure where almost crashing my computer, with the preview being applied to the thumbnail, but not the actual image (eventually it was applied to the image after a long time.)

Seriously, what is going on? Do you guys have any shame at all? You do realise that professional photographers are actually paying you money for this rubbish?

BTW, yes, I did restart everything and still buggy. It is MBP with latest OS installed and nothing but work related apps installed.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I think that going back to v.7.2. is best option for now.
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"Roll back to 7.2 is best option". Come on....

Our company pays good money for this software, and we depend on it. We've been very patient over the years and persisted with Adobe. But competition is now catching up nicely.

We just don't have the time to waste on these stuff ups, we're not installing beta software are we? We are not software testers. We have our own clients to serve.

Our time would be better of spent training in another software.
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Another issue : I tried deleting about 500 raw files, and it gave me an error. The error dialog box was unhelpful, just words that mean nothing to the end user (sorry I didn't keep a record of that).

I eventually deleted the files in smaller batches. 
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Tell me about it!

Adobe seem to have some sort of IBM mentality over Lightroom/ACR, and this new version is a true pain in the backside.

But when I put a video up on my YouTube channel about it, the haters really came out to play - wow, I've never seen such ludicrous responses to a video as I got over that one, and I'm still getting them after nearly 2 weeks!

My main gripe is bells and whistles in the Dev module - they are all very well and good if you are incapable of processing your images using your own skill and eye.  But what use are they when the software is so slow and clunky, and is using outdated demosaicing and sharpening algorithms.

From a strictly raw file demosaic and process PoV you can get far better performance from Raw Therapee - and that's FREE!

I do so wish Adobe would get their damned act together................
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I understand you are frustrated. The behavior you are reporting is not typical. I just ran a test for export and was able to export 439 JPEGs in just under 10 minutes. It sounds like we need some system information from you to help diagnose where things are going wrong.

OS Version Number: 
System Vintage:
System Specs: (RAM, Free Hard-drive Space, Processor):

When you import images do you:
Load from a card reader?
Direct Camera Connect?
Copy files via Finder and then import from a local harddrive folder?

Have you:
Reset Preferences?
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I'm a pro fotog and rely on Lightroom. I've been using it since version 1. Version 7.3 is so buggy that I can't even list the amount of problems I had with it. I rolled back to version 7.2, and will not use LR most current version until the bugs are solved. I'm running a late 2013 Mac Pro (3.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5, AMD FirePro D300 2048MB) , latest system, with 64GB of RAM. I have a huge amount of disk space available on both my startup and other volumes. FYI,  I reset the preferences and uninstalled and reinstalled with no improvement. PLEASE take our comments seriously. 
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I've just done an interesting test!

I got Lightroom 7.3 to make a pano from 10 vertical D800E images - this it did without too much of a sweat, and the result is a DNG at 33,300 pixels and 970Mb.

If I try to add even a graduated filter to this not-so-massive DNG then the Dev module crawls to a halt - just placing the filter takes nearly 2 minutes of spinning progress indicator.


If I close Lightroom and open the DNG in ACR, then I can apply any adjustment I like and there is no slowing down of anything.

So why would ACR act normally and the Lr7.3 dev module act like it's been shot with a very big gun??