why i downgraded the new ACR V12.3 back to v12.2

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After investigating the new ACR (12.3) i have downgraded the ACR to V12.2.

Being a loyal heavy user and a teacher of ACR / bridge / photoshop, as i edit hundreds of images simultaneously on each project, sadly i consider to start learning Capture 1 - as the “new kid in town”

The last ACR is a nightmare for me. not talking about getting used to the new interface. I am talking about many features that are gone now that made my workflow with multiple images “run” fast and efficiently. Now , after trying the V12.3 on a few projects, each one of them took 3 (!!) times more than they were used to, and meant to, I downgraded the ACR to V12.2 (and have issues with the “preview editing images on Bride....

so as i wrote in the beginning, i consider move to “Capture 1”

here are some examples of issues with the new interface that are slowing down the workflow tremendously (2 of many):

1- selective brushes use to have “+” and “-“ buttons on each editing slider. Now they are missing. This effecting 3 slowing down issues-
A- you cant “jump” In the slider by clicking +/-.
B- If you want to edit the next image with the same brush - you just can’t! , not like before - all sliders are resets automatically! why? Since we are talking about multiple images editing > ACR supposed to shorten the time, why should I set the brush time and time again for each image???. This is a BIG BIG BIG hassle !!! was much better in previous sliders work.
C- when using more then 1 adjustment editing brush on the same image, in the past clicking on +/- in the slider was resetting all OTHER sliders, except the slider you clicked on. That was very efficient. (like it used to be) - i want to work with the new brush with one click on +/-that resets all the OTHER sliders. Now you need to click on NEW brush and then set the slider again, (2 clicks instead of 1) but without the “small jumps” the +/- buttons as they were in the past. again - another SIGNIFICANTLY slowing down the workflow with one of the most useful tools.

2 - Another BiG slowing down workflow issue with the new crop - is missing the "next" image cropping with the keyboard arrows:
by using ACR with multiple image editing, when cropping one image, synced to other exited images- I used to fine tune the crop of the “other synced” images after syncing. I could use the keyboard arrows down to the next image and do the fine tuning to the synced crop. Now-as i am still in the crop tool - the keyboard arrows are moving the crop in the source - that means i need to go out from the source by clicking the other image thumbnail > and just then able to fine tune to another image. When I work on tens of images, that's a big hassle!!! The idea is to shorten the workflow, this new crop triple the workflow timing. (And unfortunately there are some other new issues that are slowing down the workflow tremendously )
last word - If you meant to “kill” ACR- you did the right move!

3-Esc button used to cancel (and close) the editing windows. now it doesn’t!
4-on all tabs settings, right tab does not open with the top “basic” tab on top.> you have to scroll from where you left it to the top
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Posted 1 month ago

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Hi, Moshik - I was not aware that it was possible to make this downgrade.  
12.3 drives me nuts.  
I don't want to take up too much of your time but do you have a link to a description of how to do this?
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If you do a search you will answers, and many comments, about the points you are making. There apparently is a way to not have your brushes revert to default. 

Try this for starters:

I don't use ACR nor PS much but I have been following  the issue from a distance.

I suspect this thread will be merged with the proper thread

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Hi, Jim - I just now saw your response to my question.
Thanks for it.  I will try that link and see what happens. 
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Unfortunately, Adobe seems to care more about "features" than they do about workflows, which fits in with the marketing dept focusing on entry-level users instead of their core professional userbase.
When your job is using an Adobe product for 40-80 hrs/wk, and a small change is made which doubles your mouse-clicks or mouse-travel time, that alone can have a profound impact on the number of assets completed per day... which means that we're losing income as a result.
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Spot on. You'll get no sympathy from Jeffrey either. Adobe are not going to revert back unfortunately....
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Hi, Jerry - thanks for the response.  What I haven't figured out is how to do that.  Do you know?