Lightroom: Why can’t it preserve Camera Metadata for Video files?

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Why can’t Lightroompreserve the Camera Make/Model information and Lens information on import ofvideo files when this information is available in the original MOV file?  Also, why does capture time have to beconverted to UTC?


1.    I took one picture and one video clip on myNikon Z7 this morning.  Here they are asseen in Finder.


  2.    I viewed the NEF file using the Nikon ViewNX-iprogram.
The camera name, lens information and capture time can be seen in the metadataassociate with this NEF file.
Nikon Z 7, VR 24-85mm, 2020-06-02 08:29:04


3.    I then viewed the MOV file using the NikonViewNX-i program.
The camera name, lens information and capture time can be seen in the metadataassociate with this MOV file.
Nikon Z 7, VR 24-85mm, 2020-06-02 08:29:32

4.    I then imported both these files into LightroomClassic.
After import, when I view the Metadata it shows 2 cameras and 2 lenses.
The still photo (NEF) is associated with the Nikon Z 7 camera and the correctlens.
However, the MOV file metadata says “Unknown Camera” and “Unknown Lens”.
Why is that?



5.    Also, the Capture Time for the NEF file showsthe correct PDT time of 8:29:04 AM whereas the Capture Time on the MOV fileshows 3:29:32 PM (UTC time)?





Why this inconsistent handling?  This has been the case for years with allversions of Lightroom and for a wide variety of Nikon DSLRs which I have beenusing.  It makes it so difficult to sortpictures and movies correctly.  I don’teven have the ability to manually correct the Camera name and Lens informationafter the import.


Why does Adobe not acknowledge this shortcoming?  Is there any intention of ever rectifyingthis behavior?

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Adobe either assumes, incorrectly, that 99% of their users don't use video, and they'd be wasting their money to fix it, or maybe their engineers just can't figure it out? Either way it's bad PR.
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Simple fact is LR was created for Photographers and Not Video-ographer.
Try either Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements for Videos.
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Video files have very poor standartization of metadata, and the same MOV container from different cameras can have very different interpretation of the same field (like capture date - can be with/without time zone information, and mean local or UTC time, and may mean start or end time of capture, while in photo there's just one time). Some metadata fields are proprietary or absent at all. Vendor software (like from Nikon) is aware about that vendor's interpretation of metadata, while generic (like Lightroom) is not aware and can't do proper interpretation. You can check what is really embedded in the video metadata using free tools like MediaInfo or Exiftool.
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Dear Romualdas,
Thank you. This is the best explanation I have seen from anybody about the challenges of decoding video metadata.  I now have a better appreciation of the problem. 

While this is easier said than done, here are my recommendations for Adobe.

1. Just as with still pictures, provide fields for Camera make and model, and lens type in the metadata stored by Lightroom.  While these need not be automatically populated wile importing video into Lightroom, at least allow the LR user to enter them manually after the fact (a la Capture Date).

2. If it is not already being done, Adobe should chair a standards committee with the leading camera manufacturers to standardize video metadata.  Who else other than Adobe has the size and clout to do this?

With video becoming ubiquitous, it is high time this standardization effort takes place.  My two cents worth.

Thanks again!