White Balance Selector does not align on 4K monitor

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I am using a Dell laptop with the monitor resolution displaying at 4K (3840x2160). The problem I am having in Lightroom Classic is the crop level tool and the white balance selector pipette do not align with the image on the screen.

The crop level tool is not a real problem because I can use the icon top knob as the reference.

However the white balance selector pipette is a problem. I have to set the tip of the pipette on the desired area and then drop straight down until the color appears in the view box. Usually the area I am sampling is small and problematic to find and center.

I wonder if this is an isolated problem with my computer or if this is a bug appearing in all 4K resolution monitors?

Any feedback is appreciated.
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Posted 4 months ago

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In ACR and LR, the sampling is always reads 5-by-5 screen pixels at zoom levels of 100% or less, so it may give different values at different zoom levels. When you fit the entire image into Camera Raws preview, you are sampling an average of a fairly large number of pixels - the exact number depends on both the camera's native resolution and the size you've chosen from the Size menu in the Workflow controls. At zoom levels greater than 100%, the sample size is always 5x5 image pixels. But WB is zoom level dependent. So if you want to average over a larger area, zoom out. 
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You've discovered that 4K is a poor choice for a small screen, scaling can only do so much. The resolution difference between FHD and 4K is invisible on anything smaller than about 20" so all you're getting is shorter battery life at 4K. 
But to be constructive, option A:
  1. close Lightroom
  2. right click on the desktop
  3. click on Display Settings
  4. around the middle of the page, see the Scale and layout section
  5. change the size from the recommended amount
  6. start Lightroom and see if it improves
  7. if no improvement, start with step 1 and choose a different size
But to be constructive, option B:
  1. steps 1-4 from above
  2. change Display resolution to FHD (1920x1080) 
  3. step 6 above 
This worked for me when I was running a 27" 5K monitor but still never as good as with the same size 4K monitor. 4K works best for 32-35" monitor though some people are happy with larger though the color quality of those larger monitors is not very good. So this leads to:
Option C:
  1. Get a large 4K external monitor. 
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Ed, you are facing an issue https://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/white-balance-dropper-target-location-is-offset-on-high-dpi-windows-devices?topic-reply-list%5Bsettings%5D%5Bfilter_by%5D=all
which is well known, even acknowledged by Adobe representatives but not solved for 4 years.
It’s a shame that Adobe doesn‘t show any activities affecting above all pro or semi-pro users with better equipment (high res screens).
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This is not a problem that Adobe can fix, it is due to a small monitor with too high a resolution. A semi-pro user would know better than to buy a laptop with a 4K display, a FHD display would give better results, more color accurate too boot (if a quality one was purchased) and significantly better battery life. 4K on a laptop is for bragging rights, not usability. 

Sorry, got to side with Adobe on this one. They have more important things to work on for us semi-pro photographers. 

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