What does a status of Missing mean in the Revel status view?

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A friend has shared her library with me so that I can keep a copy of all her originals on my Mac (Macbook Air, 10.9.4). In the Revel app, my status light shows as Green, and clicking on the LED for the library to produce the status view shows two rows of images, one labeled "Missing" and one labeled "Uploading Originals from (her name)". I can take a good guess at what the latter status means (as she is still importing her photos), but I have no idea what the "Missing" status means. Can you reply with all the official Status names and their meanings? Is there documentation about this posted anywhere?
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  • frustrated with lack of documentation

Posted 5 years ago

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HI Daniel

Yeah, not to trivialize your frustration, but just to sympathize... Those status LEDs should come with a secret decoder ring. The Revel team is working on a new design that will be easier to understand.

During import, Revel uploads thumbnails first, so the app gives you something to look at while originals continue to import and upload in the background. Some people quit Revel, or even reinstall it, without letting pending uploads complete. If one deletes Revel at this stage, or something else changes dramatically to cause Revel to lose contact with the originals, those half-uploaded images with only small thumbs will show as "Missing."

Revel tries to be smart, and resume uploads of original photos if it can find them. That message, which is not helpful to you, indicates that your friend has moved photos since they were first imported and they cannot be found. If the images are still in her possession, and Revel is having trouble picking them up, she can try importing them again. If she lacks free disk space for new imports, I recommend uploading via www.adoberevel.com using a web browser like Chrome. It's a faster upload experience than the Mac app, which some use for local storage. I recommend Chrome, because it can find photos and video in sub-folders on one's hard drive. Anyway, it's worth trying this, throwing every image she can find at her account on www.adoberevel.com or into the Revel app again, to see if any of the "missing" images can finally finish importing and uploading.

Revel can only manage images that are completely uploaded. If the photos are truly no longer available for re-import, and your friend wants to clear those "Missing" images from status view, your friend can select all the missing images in that status view and delete them from the Revel app. CAUTION: Please backup files first! Before deleting anything from Revel, she should be 100% certain to separately backup all originals she cares about, outside of Revel (for example, to a USB external drive).

Does that help a bit?

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Hi Charlie,

Thank you SO much! That makes PERFECT sense. Let me fill in some background for you to think about, and then I have a few follow-up questions to make sure I understand.

1. My friend started uploading from her iPhone, where she had like 10GB of images. Unfortunately, she ran out of local space during the upload (which is a feature request, by the way, it would be really great if mobile imports/uploads could be tuned to NOT retain local images at all so that uploads can complete). Then she needed to delete the Revel app and her photo collection to make space for an iOS upgrade, so she transferred the photos to her Mac and deleted them all from the phone. Those photos were likely never completely transferred from the phone, so they are now showing as missing. I am guessing that, once she re-imports them from her Mac, they will show up properly.

2. My friend also has the horrendously large iPhoto collection on her Mac (which, by the way, also contains all the phone photos) and she's currently uploading that one. Once again she ran out of space on while importing, so I have set Revel on her Mac NOT to retain originals and I have cleaned out a lot of space and restarted the upload. (That's why my machine, which has a lot of space, has been set to retain originals from her library.)

3. If I understand what you are saying, it might actually be faster for me to upload her iPhoto library from Chrome than from the Revel Mac app. But before I try that, I have a bunch of questions:

Q1. How does Revel match images? I am hoping it's a pure content signature, excluding metadata. If so, I am guessing that the phone photos on her Mac will eventually (when imported) match up against the (currently) "Missing" thumbnails and so the missing designation will go away.

Q2. How much metadata does Revel grab when importing from iPhoto via the Mac App? Does it notice which Photos are in which Albums and create matching Albums in Revel? Does it grab caption and other such non-EXIF metadata? Does it annotate the photos with the iPhoto event or album in any way? Does it grab both the original and the edited form of photos? Or does it just do a blind folder traversal (which is what I'm guessing Chrome would do) of the iPhoto package and thus really there's no advantage to using the Mac app at all?

Q3. Can the Chrome import be given a package to traverse (such as the iPhoto LIbrary)?

Q4. Is there a third party utility to annotate Revel pictures or assemble them into albums based on their iPhoto organization?

Q5. Is there a Revel web API that I could use to write my own utility to annotate photos or organize them into albums based on my own UI?

Q6. Is there any way in Revel to see the EXIF or XMP or other metadata on images? I can't seem to find one.

Thanks for your great work supporting this forum, and for any answers you can give me!

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