What is wrong with the Lightroom update process?

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I try to provide assistance in the Lightroom forum. Users complain that they can't update and they are notified their system is up-to-date. We give them the link to download the update directly. They are told that the update doesn't apply to them or when they try to install the update it fails to install. This happens almost on a daily basis. Why? It just doesn't seem right that there can't be a straightforward failsafe update process for everyone.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi James,

Is this for CC customers? Which Lightroom version are they facing issues with?
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It seems to be with both Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC. Many times it is with Lightroom CC. Users say Their system is up-to-date when in fact they are still on the initial install of Lightroom CC. It seems to happen on ANY update of Lightroom 6. It has gotten to the point that I'm almost hesitant to offer to assist anyone with an update issue.
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I have been trying to update LR 6.7 standalone for several months.  I got the 6.10 update downloaded to my older HP system.  However, Windows 7 does not recognize the newer update and I'm still using 6.7.  I also found that attempts to update standalone versions of Adobe Program Manager have ended up installing CC versions.  I don't have Creative Cloud and haven't paid for a Creative Cloud account. Really frustrating.
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Jim, thanks for posting this. I agree with all your observations -- something is clearly rotten in the state of Denmark.  Adobe Support is often unable to help and appears ignorant of the available help resources, and those resources are complicated, overlapping, and incomplete:


I did a quick search for "update" on the LR forum and saw the following threads just in the past 7 days:

7/12/17, Lightroom 6 will not update to new version!!!
"download error, please retry or try again or contact customer support".

7/12/17, Can't log into Lightroom mobile on Mac.
CC Desktop app not updating

7/11/17, LR 6.0 Not Updating After Update Runs
"The updater seems to run fine with no error messages."

7/11/17, Lightroom CC - Recognizing wrong system info
"During the installation, ... no disk in the J: drive so ... it'll hang at 90%."
"Update Failed. Please contact your Administrator..."

7/10/17, Lightroom CC does not recognise updated camera raw 9.10.1?
"Update Failed. Please contact your Administrator..."

7/9/17, Lightroom 6.9 won't upgrade to 6.10.1
"Updates could not be applied. This patch is not applicable to you."

7/8/17, different lightroom cc version on each computer- why?
CC Desktop app doesn't show updates for 2015.0.

7/7/17, Cannot log into Lightroom Mobile on my Mac. No dialog box after clicking on 'sign in'
CC app not updating past 2015.0, "Installation succeeded, but a patch failed".

7/5/17, Can't update to Lightroom 6.10
"Update failed. The error log file..."
"error encountered during installation. (U44M1P7)"
Various solutions: Cleaner tool, complete uninstall/reinstall, deleting a .dat file

7/5/17, Lightroom CC update failing
"It constantly stops at 84%."
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And there have been two more similar incidents just today. One of them in the Lightroom forum, and the other in the Camera Raw forum. The user has installed Lightroom CC and the version number they confirm is the original 1014445, They try to update and are informed that there are no updates available but they are up to date.. This goes on constantly. If we give them the direct download they are either told that the download doesn't apply to them or it fails to install. This should really be an embarrassment to Adobe, but it doesn't seem to be. It has been going on for months!
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I have 2 similar incidents in my household alone.
Creative Cloud suggest there is an update for Lightroom CC 2015. Once you update it gives the error message and stops at 54%. There is nothing you can do.
All the self help does not bring the desired result. That bug is pretty stubborn.
I used their Log Collector Tool produced a ZIP file and want to send it to Adobe but I can't find an email address to send it to.
Please, Is there anyone with any idea which is not recorded on the Adobe sites yet?