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Welcome to the feedback site for the Photoshop Family of digital imaging products.

We hope that this site will be a useful resource for learning about our products and influencing our product development teams with ideas and requests.

We're interested in what changes you would like see in our products. Do you have an idea for a feature that would help your workflow? Is there a small change that could be made to make your life a little easier? Let us know!

Take a moment now to review the Community Guidelines and Company & Customer Pact.

Last but not least, please keep this a positive, supportive community. Please, keep your posts focused on the products and providing constructive suggestions and criticism.

- Jeff
Jeffrey Tranberry
Adobe Systems, Product Manager, Chief Customer Advocate - Digital Imaging


What can I expect from this site?

While we'd like to acknowledge and comment on every idea, question or problem that comes in, it's not something that we have the time or man-power to accomplish. We will read every post and use the information and rankings you provide to help inform the future of our products.

This feedback site in not an official support channel. We welcome you to use this site to post questions in search of answers - and hopefully - more often than not, your questions will be answered by either someone from the user community or someone from one of the product teams.

If you require one-on-one assistance or prefer to contact Adobe Customer Care directly, please visit the support contact page.

Will this feedback site replace the current user to user forums?

There are no plans at this time to replace the current user to user forums except for the forums covering Feature Requests. As of May 17th, 2011, the feature request forums on the user to user forums have been archived and a message has been posted directing users to submit their requests here on this feedback site. The main impetus of this site is to allow users to submit ideas and rank them - something our current forums aren't especially tuned to. If you like what you see here and prefer it to the user to user forums, let us know.

Will this feedback site replace feature request and bug reporting form?

Yes. As of May 17th, 2011, all digital imaging products will use this site as the place to submit feature requests and report problems.

The advantage of using the feedback site over the form is that customers will have better insight on what requests have been made and will have the opportunity to help rate and rank those requests for future consideration.
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