Lightroom Web: Downloaded zip/images from gallery are full-size with heavy compression

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I have been trying the web gallery -share- function and I really like it , it looks really slick compare to making a gallery in Dropbox, and then sending link to clients. The download option is great (which you have to do in cloud interface) Now when I download the zip from gallery view or individual images I find that they are full size! But with tons of compression artefacts. -1 . I don’t want clients getting full size images at this stage , and 2. When I do give them full size I will give them jpgs with Zero compression , best quality for prints etc. Via a manual made zip and Dropbox or wetransfer.The whole point of a web gallery with zip download is it’s quick and light for previews.The zip download takes ages , adobe’s server speed is 1mb/s ! Who thought this would be good ? Is friggin crazy Nearly 100mb for 30odd shots to download at adobes server rate is really annoyingly slow . Plus my clients won’t want 100mb galleries on their machines , these web galleries should be low res and be under 1mb per image.
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steve reid

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Posted 2 years ago

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steve reid

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Anyone here from Adobe to comment on this please ?

Or any other users have this problem too.. I can’t be the only one !
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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the feedback.

I'll have someone double check our compression settings for the fullsize images. Would you mind either describing the issues you're seeing, or if I message you separately for some example images. This is mostly to rule out some other rendering issue with your images not related to jpeg compression.

We'll revisit adding a control around what gets downloaded. We held off when we enabled this in part because we want to keep the UI/choices simple, and in part because until the recent LrCC launch (which uploads originals) an option here would have been particularly confusing. Before we added the full res capability we had a lot of requests for higher resolution download, so that’s definitely something we want to keep.

On the download side we definitely have room for improvement. It’s a little slower because we’re generating renditions on the fly the first time they’re requested, so if you do a download on your end first it’ll speed things up here. I won’t call the result fast though -- we definitely have work to do to improve thing here.

This obviously doesn't improve things a ton for you now, so I'll take a note to update this post when we make changes/improvements here.



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Hi Alex, thanks for relying. 

I'll add some examples below. 
It would be amazing to get an option for the Download size of images. 
A question, if you didn't previously had the full res capability - what was download size originally ?

So what you are saying is that the download is rendered from the originals in the cloud  engine on the fly. 
Its not like when you make the web gallery , they are saved that size and ready for download ? 
This is very clever, but prob not the best user download experience. 

How about having the option at the share web galley stage to select small  / med / large or full at fixed sizes?
And this would determine what image size can be downloaded - say 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / Full
Or in the cloud interface additional preferences for the gallery.

Personally i find it crazy for people to be asking for full size downloads via the web gallery . 
That is what dropbox and wetransfer are for. - Often I have to upload Gigabytes of full size images.
This web gallery is perfect for client proofing , and all you want is them to get 1200-2000px max files at this stage. 
Generally part from Printers and graphic designers nobody actually needs full size images.

If you are going to give someone full size images, you want to make sure that there is no compression, and give them Adobe RGB  - not compressed sRGB images - which is the only option with CC export . 

We could really do with a proper  Output / Export window / tool  where we can configure the exact output size and compression and colour space. and save our presets.
I see all images saved out are always sRGB - that is terrible! and we can't see how much compression is being used.
Generally full size Images for print / high end uses are always Adobe sRGB. 

Depending on the clients needs I normally have to configure this to supply the best file for their needs.
I like to make presets for this. 
Eg, if its for web banner use I would give them 2000px at 8 compression sRGB, 
if its for a A4 brochure or display print, then I give them a full size Tiff  with no compression ,Adobe RGB. 
If its for headshots or product photos for a particular grid use then maybe 800x600 at 6 sRGB, and larger 1600x1200 at 8 sRGB for the 'roll over' images. 
- I really need complete control of this . 

Alex, you / Adobe have some really serious software here with HUGE potential to change the way photographers work , with software, cloud and hardware. 
The mobile app is great , especially on an iPad pro for shooting on location. the sync is amazing  - We are only a year or two away from ditching laptops and computers for much of our workflow ...
But we need a bit more in terms of usability and customisation from Lightroom , in both the Mobile app and desktop CC version. 

I'd really like to help develop these versions of Lightroom to be fully embraceable by all serious photographers. 
-How can I get in direct touch with the development team to help Adobe turn this into a killer combo for photographers ? 

Many thanks

This is a crop from Downloaded full size 

And saved 'full size' 
-please not this still isn't a proper Full size. best quality export . It maybe be full size but there is currently NO WAY to export out a lossless jpg or Tiff .
Neither of these are acceptable to give to a client if they re after the full size image.
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Hey Steve, email me so that I can add you to our pre-release team :)