Lightroom: Laggy sliders on Windows with Wacom tablets

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[Update: Many people report laggy sliders with Wacom tablets on Windows unless they disable the Windows Ink option, in which case they lose pressure sensitivity with the pen. -- John Ellis]

it ́s next to unusable.. i have installed the latest wacom drivers (WacomTablet_6.3.15-1.exe). there is, i would say, a 1-2 second lag from when i press down until the slider moves. win10 64 bit, i7 2600k, 24gb ram, 980 gtx, catalog and caches on intel 750 SSD. gpu is disabled, add photo dialog is disabled.and of course....latest gpu drivers are installed.i tried the older driver version "WacomTablet_6.3.13w3.exe" too.same behavior.... corel painter, photoshop and other apps work just fine.this is the worst lightroom version EVER...!!! :(
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There were numerous topics about this, none with more than half a dozen or so me-toos. I've merged them all together, for a total merged me-too count of 28, with 55 followers.
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More precise: if you uncheck Windows Ink in the Wacom driver (mapping subscreen), you have no pen pressure in Photoshop, but also no lag in Lightroom. If you check it, the lag is back in Lightroom, but pen pressure in Photoshop works. Nice choice!
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Actually Hans, it will move, but the threshold of movement is MUCH greater than before - you have to move the pen quite a ways now to start getting it to respond.  And I think the consensus is that these issues are squarely on Adobe.

And since this thread was merged (thanks, John)..  For the people that may not realize it, this is not a time-based issue like some were thinking - it's a threshold of movement.  And it affects absolutely everything within LR (& now maybe PS again, too?) that would require that threshold of movement (even in text sequesters).
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Chris, that corresponds exactly to my experience. The sliders start to move only after you push the pen several millimeters away. Then it suddenly jumps after it. Apparently, a fatal flaw like this is acceptable in software for the vendor. Imagine a car with a lag like that in the steering mechanism. The world wouldn't be enough.
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I have exactly the same problems and am getting thoroughly sick and tired of it.  The windows ink solution did seem to help for a while but as described there is no pen pressure sensitivity then.  Currently even that fails!  When the Wacom Intuos Pro M has pressure sensitivity it loses it after a few minutes and the only way to get it back is to switch the Wacom off and back on again until the driver loses its way again.  This problem has been ongoing through numerous so called Driver Update fixes!!! and still persists.  

My system is a 6 months old Dell 8970 i7 (8th Gen) with 16GB Ram running SSD for Os plus separate 256Gb SSD for Scratch Disk and Catalogue, Further 512Gb  SSD for Programs and 2TB 7500 RPM HDD for storage of older images, documents etc.  Monitor is a 24" Dell Ultrasharp and Graphics Card is GeForce 1060 GTX 6Gb NvRam.  All Windows updates installed, Drivers updated, Adobe CC Subscriber with latest LR CC Classic, PS and Bridge versions installed along with latest updates.

This problem has been ongoing for at least 3 years.  Adobe and Wacom need to  work together to resolve this URGENTLY.   As has previously been stated we are end users NOT Beta Testers!!!
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good luck with hoping this will be fixed. nobody at adobe OR wacom seems to care about this.

i have a threadripper 2950  system with 64 GB ram but i guess that is too slow to work without a lag on a wacom....

years ago i found a solution for photoshop.
that included to create a PSUserConfig.txt file in the photoshop settings folder (under user/roaming) with:


#Use Wintab
UseSystemStylus 0

but i gave up on using a wacom (must be one of the most hyped companys in the graphic biz).
so i don ́t know if this still works.
it was a solution for photoshop anyway. you could disable windows ink but still have pressure sensitivity in photoshop.