Photoshop CC 2015.5: Video card recommendations for current and future versions

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If you don't want to read my rant here, please scroll to the bottom (fast forward) to get to the question at hand regarding the new video cards coming out. IF you really DO care to read WHY I need to know about the cards' continued support by Adobe, then PLEASE DO READ ON...

This one is for Tom Hogarty, or other PRODUCT MGR (but, preferably Tom)...

I think you remember me, Tom. It's Hank here. We had a long discussion back in 2005(?) about this same issue of graphics card support (Dell Inspiron at the time), PS CS5, and Camera RAW with my Sigma camera. The word "Sigma" should spark your memory.

It has only gotten worse since the subscription model came out vis a vis the older laptop, leaving me no choice but to accept the new versions rather than keeping the old. My case, as explained here:

I am about to embark upon getting a new Windows laptop ALL BECAUSE Adobe, once again decides that the software's new features no longer allows for support of the older graphics adapters, leaving laptops in particular "bricked," as the term is commonly used, for the digital photography world. I had this problem when I went from PS CS4 to PS CS5 back in the day; and, now I have it again. The difference between back then and today is that I made the mistake of "upgrading" (purchasing) the software while I did not realize that the graphics adapter would not handle the new features--BACK THEN. I should have rolled back to the earlier version so I didn't have to spend money on yet another machine--BACK THEN. FASTFORWARD TO *TODAY*: With the new CC subscription model, I have no choice but to do my updates, only to realize that we got a whole new version or, at least, a boatload of NEW "features, tools, and 'toys'" that wind up causing Photoshop to uncheck "Use Graphics Controller" and issue a warning that it has been unchecked and that "not all the enhancements will not be available" or something like that.

So... SINCE I have been unemployed for the past four years, and I am trying to kick-start a photography career at my late(r) age, I need to buy that new machine. But, I want to darn well know [stronger language was desired, trying to keep it PG] that my $1800-$2200 *GAMING* laptop will last me AT LEAST 6 years! I had a long chat conversation with [India] support on Sunday night. And, he advised me to list here the new NVIDIA cards (apparently some were not yet tested) to (1) get YOUR opinion or fact-finding as to which card will last how long (best estimate) before they are deprecated; and (2), when you will be testing the newer, newer cards support told me weren't tested yet (and I don't want to here it's tested OK when there's only two or three years left in "support")... I AM TIRED OF BUYING NEW LAPTOPS AND HAVING TO BUY THE BEST OF THE BEST *GAMING* LAPTOPS WHEN I DON'T PLAY GAMES!!

The rest of the world can buy laptops off the shelves like I buy cereal because the requirements of most software appears to be not as demanding (i.e.: Office, other lighter duty creative apps, etc.) I GET THAT. This is a different league entirely working with the REAL PS, LR, ON1, etc. But, I'll be darned [again, stronger language] if I am going to spend MORE THAN 2200 bucks on a *LAPTOP* to be able to work on images when not at home on a desktop machine, where I can switch out a video card, unlike the laptop's fused-onto-motherboard graphics adapter. ON1 only requires 1GB for the new "RAW" app that will be out in the fall. Adobe has to sit pretty, on their throne, and [strongly] recommend 2GB. Disclosing minimums only gets 'em off the hook if it slows up so badly, or most of every feature gets turned off, making it like PS Elements.

So, here are the cards of the three machines I was looking at. One is on a Dell Precision 7000 series with a choice of two adapters, the other two are Alienware configurations, one out of a box store, the other customizable with choice of two cards:

Alienware from Costco: 3GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970M Graphics

Alienware from Dell Direct (customize, 2 choices): 6GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 Graphics, *OR* 8GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 Graphics

Dell Precision 7510 (7000 Series), 15.6" screen: Nvidia® Quadro® M1000M w/2GB GDDR5, *OR* Nvidia® Quadro® M2000M w/4GB GDDR5 [Included in Price]

Please tell me. Time is of the essence in my decision. I am "frozen out" of continuing to further my photography. And, I need to make a decision before the second week of OCTOBER 2016.

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Official Response
@HHCUDED Given the list of cards that you are looking at, the engineer recommends that you consider the newer generation Nvidia Pascal-based cards (10 series), e.g. GeForce® GTX 1060 Graphics to be a little bit future proof. Hope this helps.