Very weird duplicate photo and video issue, creates 2nd file and appends file name with - (YYYY-MM-DDTXX_XX_XX.XXX)

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I am not sure what is causing this, but I am getting duplicates randomly of photos and videos 
It doesn't happen all the time and trying to figure out how to recreate. 
Attached is a couple of screen shots of what it looks like on my end

Little about my environment 

I sync mobile pictures with lightroom mobile app, amazon photos and only use backup feature of google photos and allow google to resize during upload for unlimited photos/videos

Below is where I sync the physically photos on the PC

Lightroom Classic syncs all CC ecosystems to this location
H:\Amazon Drive\Media-Desktop\My Pictures\_by_Year\LR-CC-ecosystem\2018

Amazon photos syncs physical photos to this location 
H:\Amazon Drive\Pictures\Pixel 2 XL\Camera

Lightroom app syncs files on phone, then amazon photos app sync physically at this location 
H:\Amazon Drive\Pictures\Pixel 2 XL\LightroomCamera

Lightroom mobile syncs physically here
H:\Amazon Drive\Media-Desktop\My Pictures\_by_Year\LR-CC-ecosystem\2018

I have to randomly select the below locations and hit synchronise folder ( don't have show import dialog before importing selected, everything else is checked) in lightroom to pull into the catalogue the photos that amazon drive is pulling down.

I have been thinking about turning off, amazon photo mobile sync. Since I physically save my lightroom photos in amazon drive, and eventually amazon drive will grab it and sync the photos online anyways and lightroom classic updates catalogue when it pulls down photos in the CC echosystem

H:\Amazon Drive\Pictures\Pixel 2 XL\Camera
H:\Amazon Drive\Pictures\Pixel 2 XL\LightroomCamera

Google photos - Only using the backup only feature, not Syncing back to the computer. Google photo backup is targeting the amazon drive locations to only take a back up and NOT sync back to the computer

I am also using code42 to backup all photos as well ( I doubt this causes the problem, but thought I would mention it) 

Any idea's suggestions would be appreciated

I like to have the CORE of my photos ALL saved in amazon Drive. Then I use lightroom classic for assest management of photos and will sync to collections when I have time. I also use collections to update my albums on SMUGMUG

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