Photoshop 21.2: Vector Snapping Behavior Doesn't Work On Shapes Or Groups Of Vertices

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I'm not sure if this is intentional new behavior, a bug, or just some features/setting change that I'm not following.

Inside of the preferences, there is a setting "Snap Vector Tools and Transforms to Pixel Grid"

If this setting is on, shapes and vector points attempt to snap to the pixel grid. If it is off, they are allowed to be positioned virtually anywhere, even in partial pixel positions.

As of the current version of Photoshop (21.2.0) on Windows 10, this preference only seems to operate on single vector points. When disabled, vector points can be moved virtually anywhere. When on, they will snap to the pixel grid. This is correct and expected behavior.

However, when selecting multiple vector points or working on the shape itself, the setting seems to have no effect. In these cases the points or shape will still snap to even spacings. For example, if I have a box that is 10.5 pixels wide, I might want to attempt to grab two edge points and snap them to 11 pixels. Currently, this is impossible via this method. If I try to move the points they will continue to snap to the next "pixel" which in this case would 11.5.

Scaling seems to be completely broken. Even with snap to the pixel grid on, I cannot seem to correctly scale a shape either uniformly or non-uniformly to either the pixel grid or to free fractions. Instead it seems to jump to almost arbitrary pixel percentages instead of a smooth scale or a true pixel snap.

Expected/preferred behavior: when turning off "Snap Vector Tools and Transforms to Pixel Grid" all transforms should allow full freedom and fractional adjustment to any fraction of a pixel in the same way that you can freely move vector points. I believe this preferred behavior is how Photoshop was working until very recently. In all cases scaling should also behave according to the setting--properly snapping when the setting is on and freely transforming when it is off.

Again, if I'm missing something though--please let me know.
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