Lightroom: Support third party cloud storage

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I'm guessing this is a non starter, for many reasons!

As an Amazon Prime subscriber, I get unlimited photo storage, so I feel a little begrudged that I have to then pay for photo storage with Lightroom CC. It'd be great if you could choose your cloud service provider in the settings.

A couple of issues off the top of my head:
  • What would you do if you wanted to switch cloud provider in the settings? Would it need to download all the files and then upload them to a different provider?
  • You can obviously manage/delete/move the files directly in the cloud, which would play havoc with Lightroom.
  • I expect there could be issues with managing space.
I do however think it would be a real selling point for the service. Essentially using Lightroom CC as the front end and allowing users to manage the files in the cloud their way. It would also make backing up locally easier.
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I think the whole point of LrCC (apart from the customers buying storage and a simpler UI) is to reduce the problems of sync, missing files etc. that many less experienced users may have had with Lightroom Classic.

They’re selling it as we’ll back up and look after your photos. You can do the organising.... but they won’t go missing.

I don’t see what Adobe would gain from it as it would be lost income and control.

No harm in asking though! (As the cost is more than I would have liked, after coming from their previous Cloud solution).
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Many of us have existing workflows and storage setups we're unlikely to change. Many successful SaaS vendors play nicely with cloud-storage providers.

It would benefit your user experience to incorporate support for OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Google drive etc.

Is this in the roadmap?
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I've got ~2tb of stuff in OneDrove. The fact that I'm lazy and not wanting to spend months re-uploading files to Lightroom CC is stopping me from using this service and sticking with Classic.
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Now that NAS are supported via drive mappings, the features are there in LR CC desktop for us to use a local path to our cloud of choice.

Our cross-device experience won't be great.

I suspect they could leverage the LR CC sync feature and add functionality for authentication/authorisation to a third party cloud. Once the "on behalf of" or "delegate of" model is in place for sync to a third party service, it's not vastly different which service you use.

'll pay for a product and service, but I won't pay for storage in one ecosystem when I have my organisation setup to use another storage platform.
I have taken steps to secure and retain my data, I know it's safe. I don't believe Adobe have the maturity to match it nor will I pay twice.

If Adobe take their customers seriously and have undertaken basic research, I'd expect LR CC to support third-party clouds before it reaches feature parity.

Once we step from (example) LR CC iOS & OneDrive for Business to LR CC Desktop & OneDrive for Business, they will need to ensure that the user experience is optimised and sync works seamlessly. The challenge will be whether they treat the third party cloud as the source of authority or not.
I've seen it done before by smaller companies who put their customers first and am sure that Adobe have the skills and resources to implement the functionality.
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I think what some people are missing is the fact that the Adobe cloud is far more than a simple storage solution. As the heart of the sync ecosystem it is also a powerful processing engine, being the place where much of the AI-related search stuff is run, along with auto-tagging, and where control of what the user requests on the local system is managed from, e.g. generating smart previews to replace local originals. It also contains the "master catalog" to control syncing of changes from/to all ecosystem end points (and manages recovery of all required data, images and changes, collections and albums, in the event of local loss).

I have no idea how easily, or even if, that processing could be done if the image data was actually stored on a third-party cloud. It's certainly not something I'd be happy to see happen.
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Underneath everything you described is storage. :)
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It would be great to be able to use my Google Drive cloud in Lr.I have more photographs than adobe Cloud can store