Use Destination Sub-folder as sub-folder for Import - "Make a Second Copy To"

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This feature is great because it saves lots of time when importing photos from my camera or memory cards. Since the settings for Import are "sticky", once this is set up, you can simply forget it and Lightroom does the job every time. Kudos for making this a great feature.

There is one issue that I hope the design team will consider resolving...

My workflow includes downloading every photo shoot into a new sub-folder (using the sub folder checkbox in the Destination Panel"). The naming convention I use is "YYYYMMDD - Description" as in "20161122 - Jameson Wedding". If it is customer work, these sub-folders are created inside my "Customers" folder. If this is personal, I create these sub-folders inside my "Photo Storage" folder.

So, I have hundreds of sub-folders on my storage system and on a separate storage system I have hundreds of folders inside a "Photos Backup" folder.

Here is the problem. Recently, one of my students using a similar system with a laptop and 2 external hard drives had a total drive failure on the drive with the "YYYYMMDD-Description" folders. She had followed my training to make backups of all photos using the LR "Make a Second Copy To" method described above. When she obtained a new external drive, she came to me to help restore her original setup so LR would see the photos.

Unfortunately, she does several downloads on many days and had none of the original folder names in the backups. The photos from any photo shoots where she did more than one on the day are all mixed up! With hundreds of folders, she needed to spend days trying to divide photos for different photo shoots in a day and then copy photos, create, and and rename the new folders so LR would see the original image files.

FINALLY, here is my suggestion: When someone marks the sub-folder checkbox in the destination dialog, the "Make a Second Copy to" logic should create the same sub-folder name inside the backup folder. So, instead of creating:

F:\Photo Backups\Imported on Wednesday, November 23, 2016

the modified system would create:

F:\Photo Backups\Imported on Wednesday, November 23, 2016\20161123 - Jameson Wedding

F:\Photo Backups\Imported on Wednesday, November 23, 2016\20161123 - Jonas Ranch

F:\Photo Backups\Imported on Wednesday, November 23, 2016\20161123 - Donkeys at Miller Ridge Farm

and so on with the copies of the image files in each...

So, even when someone downloads several different events in one day using different sub-folders, the "Make a Second Copy to" system would maintain the folder structure making the recovery process simple and easy. All someone would need to do is grab the folder (e.g. 20161123 - Jameson Wedding) and copy it to the new replacement hard drive.

There even could be an additional checkbox in the "Make a Second Copy to" area so anyone that likes the current methodology would not have to follow this path.

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