Photoshop: Ability to update/edit brush presets

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This is a no-brainer that should make its way ASAP into 13.

Provide users with a way of tweaking their brush settings and then SAVING OVER an existing brush preset, rather than having to create a new one.

The brush preset system that has been in place since 5 is a broken user experience. You always create a "throwaway" brush (tip) when you Define Brush Preset, and then you customize its settings and create a New Brush. Then, if you don't like those settings and want to improve them, you are stuck having to create yet another brush preset, and eventually deleting the others.

Come on guys, we need something just a little more polished. It's been over ten years now. Fix some basic stuff before launching into crazy new directions like 3D.

For the most intuitive user experience, the workflow should be revised.

Creating brushes should be a two-step process:
1. create a "brush tip" - these are the sampled pixels only, with no Brush configuration data attached
2. create a "brush" - by selecting a brush tip and then setting your options.

If you then want to edit an existing preset and save over it, why not present us with familiar options like Save and Save As? Put a little "save" icon and a "clone" icon in the Brushes palette. Let us know when we're editing an existing brush preset, and put the title of the brush preset in the palette. Basic basic stuff.
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Agreed wholeheartedly. Just spent 20 minutes beating my brain against this cumbersome interface.
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Don't forget about that you can also create a Tool Preset, that will store blending modes, color, etc. :D
I'd like also to see some revision about presets.
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I have been hoping for this to be implemented for years. Corel Painter already has this function and it makes painting much faster!
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Tom Auger

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I can't believe the status of this item is "Not Planned"!

It's such a minor thing, with so many possible solutions.

Don't you wish Photoshop were open source? Heck, I'd write the darned patch myself. They keep working on "big picture" marquee features, instead of making our daily work tool more ergonomic and efficient.

I don't know why I keep giving Adobe my monthly CC subscription. They just don't seem to listen to their users.
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No, it would be like changing a Paragraph Style or Character Style definition, which is an extremely common use case. Users understand that changing a preset will likely affect any other function or tool that leverages that preset. If I have an action which uses a preset brush that I created and then I run that action after modifying the preset, I should bloody well hope that the action changes its behaviour as a result.

If you're really concerned about preserving the integrity of some of the "default" actions, then you can "lock" some of the default brushes as well. But user-created brushes should be allowed to be modified.
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But still, again, we can already change the contents of the brush preset ( it's just that it is much harder than what it should be ) so your logical reason is irrelevant.
I'm still waiting for a true reason.
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This has nothing to do with the defaults (not sure where you got that). Again, you really seem to be missing quite a bit of the functionality and details about how presets work in Photoshop.

No, you cannot change a brush preset. You can create a new preset with new settings, but you cannot change a preset after it has been created. Again, that is by design.
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Just want to add to the chorus that this should very much be a feature. It can't possibly be that complicated to code. It's a dumb system and should be improved. I'm amazed that it was brought up 4 years ago and has yet to get any response. I'm also amazed that anyone would defend Adobe not fixing this issue.

AH well.. Off to go create a new brush preset that slightly modifies an existing brush and then deleting the old brush and then going into preset manager so that I can drag and drop the brush where I usually keep it on the grid.

Because obviously who would want to be able to just move the brushes whenever we want? That extra preset manager is so handy!
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I'd take the fix Tom suggestion over a complete overhaul, but it really does need a complete overhaul. It's barely improved from how it worked a decade ago.