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I have had Photoshop 7 for a few years. I recently "updated" (I never "updated before because I didn't know what would happen and now I seem to have made a big mistake) and now cannot use some of the features I used previously having not "updated". It said that unless I set up an account I could not use these features. This greatly angered me. I then tried to set up an account and followed the instructions which I felt made me jump through a lot of hoops. I am the first to willingly admit that I am not really computer savy but I should hav been able to do this without much trouble. After I supposedly created my account when I tried to sign it they said I had to go to my email and check something there. I did. Then it gave me further instructions, which I followed. Then it said I already had an account....now what. I am very frustrated with this procedure. Also, when I purchased this program several years ago I was able to use all the features I paid for. Now I cannot not. What is this all about. It said I could only use the features if I "Signed In" but I can't!!! Please offer a solution. I need to work on some projects within a time frame and cannot. Please contact ASAP!!!!!
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Um, that doesn't make any sense. You don't need to setup an account for Photoshop (there is an optional request to create an Adobe ID, but that's it).

What version did you upgrade to?
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Hi Catherine

The email you received was sent just to ensure you yourself are the proper account holder. It's a security precaution. The email address and password you use for logging into Photoshop.com within the Elements program allows you to backup your files online and share your photos and videos with other folks.

You mentioned you were an Elements 7 users -- of you are having problems accessing your features after an upgrade, please ensure you used the same user email and password when signing into Elements after the upgrade. Otherwise the online service upgrade may not register and display as you expect.

If you purchased a Plus membership with additional storage, and are successfully logging into Photoshop.com with the new Adobe ID account you just created, but aren't seeing your Plus content, there may be an issue with your account.

Most folks that patrol these forums are product team members volunteering time, and not actual Support staff. To ensure your account and service are setup as expected, you may wish to contact Live Char Support at the details in this link: http://www.adobe.com/support/photosho...

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From the information you stated in your reply it appears that all of the problems are with the consumer (myself in particular) and you did not offer a solution. The problem I had was that my old features disappeared and I could only use the ones with the upgrade if I paid $49.99 annually. This was the premium upgrade which I never checked I wanted. There was never any indication when you did the basic upgrade that you would loose your current functions and were given only upgrades you had to pay for or you couldn't use. This to me is intentional fraud. You did not address the problem but danced around it. I called Photoshop twice (someone answered who was in India) and told them the situation a couple days ago. This morrning I turned on my computer and lo and behold my original Photoshop Elements 7 was on my computer. Not sure how they did this. The other remaining problem is the fact that I had asked to have my email address removed from the Photoshop.com but it has not. I was told that it would be removed in 24 hours. That was about about 36 - 48 hours ago. I am awaiting a return call. I did receive a return phone call while in the process of writing this letter. The person asked a few questions, told me to hold.....next thing a knew I heard a buzy signal and that was the end of the "hold". I called back again to your customer service line and again was asked by the recorded message to leave my name and number and "someone" would be getting back to me in "34 - 46" minutes. This is the most difficult customer service situaltion I have ever had to deal with. First of all trying to locate actual phone numbers is difficult. Then when you do call they tell you they can't to do something like restore my Photoshop 7.Then when I go to use my computer and it had been shut down (I had never shut it down) when I turn it back on Photoshop 7 miraculously appears in its original state. What am I to think about a company like this. I am awaiting my third return call because I want my email removed. Should this be so hard?