Photoshop: Update 19.1.3 Photoshop CC deletes all actions

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The update to PS CC 19.1.3 deleted my 100 or so custom actions. Only Default Actions were left.  Loading Actions using the palette window finds nothing in the folder for CC 2018.  I found 4-month old actions in the PS CC 2017 folder and copied them in to PS CC 2018, but new actions created in the past 4 months seem to be gone.  Search of *.atn and *.psp in recycle bin finds nothing.
Where did the PS CC 2018 actions go?
On the plus side, Scripts managed to get copied in to PS CC 2018 (a first, I think).  Topaz seemed to have been ported OK.  On the downside, Google Nik Collection disappeared again.  It can be re-installed but one has to manually find the PS CC 2018 plugins folder.
Win 7
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Posted 7 months ago

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To be clear, are you saying that newer actions which you had saved to disk (not merely created and used) disappeared from your Library folder for 2018 presets? I have never had that happen, but I have lost actions I created, but forgot to save to disk, when I lost my preferences. Did you lose any other type of presets from the User Library Presets folder?

I also have to be careful to remember that even if the set has been saved to disk, any new actions within that set aren't saved, so as soon as I create a new action within a set, I save the set again. Eventually, I have so many presets in so many version folders, I have to do some housekeeping to make it all manageable. Losing any is not the problem here.<G>

If you lost actions you definitely remember saving to disk, then you have an interesting problem. Post your OS and maybe someone here can help you track down why your actions weren't safely saved.
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Sorry, I was delayed in responding due to a different update issue on a Mac (which means I had 3 separate update issues pending).
Not sure if I understand the distinction you are asking about here.  If I create an action and use it over many sessions of PS and it (had) always showed up again after crashes and updates, is it not already "saved to disk" by PS?  I don't really recall doing anything other than creating, using and occasionally deleting actions, although I am aware that Load and Save are options that I have very occasionally used.  Indeed, by finding my CC 2017 actions, doesn't that proove PS is doing the saving?
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Photoshop's preferences save what actions are currently loaded, plus any actions that were created but not saved to an external .atn file. If preferences get corrupted or reset, the list of loaded actions would get whacked (and you'd have to reload them from disk) and any actions you created but didn't save would be lost. It's a good idea to save actions as an external atn file for this reason.