Bridge: Unneccesary Bridge thumbnail and preview extraction

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I understand that Bridge always show the contents of files by generating cached previews and thumbnails at first encounter. These previews enable Bridge to display files quickly, as they are already prepared, and do not require an application to generate a preview on the fly. If a file is updated, Bridge updates the cache with a new version.

So, why is it then, that Bridge often feels the need to regenerate a number of Previews and Thumbnails, when viewing an old folder?

These repeated extractions put quite a load on a computer, and it makes viewing large collections of images slow-going. Surely, if it's been done once, it shouldn't need doing again, unless develop settings have been updated?
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I can't begin to explain why the problem has stopped for me except that it seems to be tied to my new camera, a Canon 70D. Previously, I was using the 7D. None of this makes any sense to me at all. For me, the original problem seemed to be tied to .xmp sidecar files (information in metadata). For some people, it was tied to enabling lens profile corrections. That was never my problem. Two things appeared to help...signing up for CC and buying that new camera.
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I just read the bug reports, and the original issue reported was fixed, and still remains fixed.

If you are seeing other issues with Bridge extracting thumbnails more often than you think it should, we will need details to reproduce the problem. That could include types of files, number of files, OS version, location of directory (file server, local, etc.), all steps taken since first navigating to the directory, etc.
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For some reason, I've not been getting notifications of follow-ups here. I've only just seen recent replies. Here's the latest on the bug:

The original bug was probably introduced with ACR 6.1 in June 2010, when Lens Correction was added—although I can't remember exactly when it started. It's just a guess.

In June 2013, I managed to reproduce the bug (Lens Correction plus edge-touching crop), and the ACR team fixed it in 8.2 (Sep 2013). Bravo.

To confuse matters greatly, another bug had been introduced with ACR 7.3, in late 2012. This newer bug had the *same symptoms*, and was even heavier on resources than the original. As far as I know, nobody could reproduce this bug reliably.

Having said that, I found a workaround where you could stop it by disabling lens profile corrections. Not ideal, but I'd had it set by default, which might explain why some people saw it more than others.

Anyway, out of the blue, the bug disappeared with ACR 8.6 in July 2014. No warning, no explanation, and no comment in the changelog.

It's been frustrating, and it would have been nice to find out what was causing the problem (after all the hours I'd wasted on it). But the main thing is it's gone. Hallelujah! Amen! Good riddance, etc.
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How interesting. I just checked folders with images from my previous camera, Canon 7D (as opposed to my present camera, Canon 70D) and the problem, at least for me, is fixed. I am on Win7 and we're talking Raw files with .xmp sidecar files. Last I checked, I was still getting regenerations with the old camera. But now, it's not happening.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Bridge CC: Continuously regenerates preview images.

Bridge CC is regenerating the preview images, everytime the window get the focus back.

There are already reports, but solution:

I hope this annoying bug will be fixed.

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There is a inner preset that Bridge CS6 has that has 2 seconds by default:

app.watchDirInterval = 2

The name says that every 2 seconds, Bridge checks any changes on the active Content panel. Is this correct?

If I have always new images (non-cached before) and never previous cached images what would be advised to do?
If I change watchDirInterval to more or less seconds will Bridge respond to any change?

And that includes metadata change on thumbnails?