Lightroom CC: Unable to sync pictures

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I have a(gain) server issue: I'm trying to download sync pictures from the cloud to classic. Pictures were uploaded from my iPad (that's my workflow to keep the full res images on iPad) to the cloud and sync is complete; pictures are available on LR web.

Nothing moves in the "Lightroom sync" tab:

There is barely no traffic at all in the monitor:

My connection is fine: 22 Mbps in download

I've already restarted LR Classic several times and all apps are up to date (latest version).
My account is not full (11Go/20Go).

Any clue before contacting tech support?
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Posted 5 months ago

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I'll let someone with more knowledge of such things answer your question, I out of curiosity, what is your purpose in keeping full size images on the iPad (i.e. in the Adobe CC)? 

If it's for backup, I get it.  However, if it's for viewing on the iPad, you aren't gaining anything as the iPad probably has less resolution than your images to begin with so can't use the extra pixels and Adobe sizes the smart previews the CC ecosystem uses for images sync'd from Classic to match screen resolutions all on its own.  

I'm not suggesting you change how you do this, but wondering if you are getting any benefit from it other than using lots more cloud storage (which you're paying for) than you need to.

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Hi Dan,

It’s a good question
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In the Lightroom Sync Tab of the Preferences Dialog, you should be able to scroll down and find out which file is stuck. Since you have only 18 images it should be easy to interrogate them all quickly. 

First let's make sure that the iPad synced successfully with the web. Clicking on each image in the Preferences dialog list should take you to Lightroom on the Web where you can verify that the image has successfully synced from your iPad to the web. If all 18 are available in Lightroom for Web and visible at full size, then we know the problem is in the desktop app.
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Hi Rick,

Thanks for your reply. There was no image stuck; they were all at "downloading" like you can see on the screenshot.
They were also uploaded from the iPad as 1) indicated in the dialog on the upper right (except it's still trying to sync locally other pictures but fails to do it and 2) they were, like you said, available on the web.

I finally moved on with another task and let it sync overnight. It was fin the next day. I still find it "a pain" for somthing claiming to integrate a "pro" workflow, though :( If it were the only bug or design flaw, it would be fine, but it's yet another glitch.