Photoshop 2019: Unable to save files with Mojave

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After updating to Mojave and Photoshop CC 2019, it's not possible to save files, even if you exit the folder and don't have the file selected. You get the message "Could not save XXX because write access was not granted". I can save copies, but it doesn't feel like a sustainable solution... How to solve this?
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Posted 11 months ago

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That is a MacOS problem rather than a Photoshop problem. You are trying to save to a folder without having the proper permissions.

BTW, I can save images from Photoshop CC2019 on MacOS X 10.14.3 just fine.
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Are you saving to your local drive or a server or NAS? Instructions for setting permissions:
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I get this often enough on High Sierra. All I have to do is save again to the same location and overwrite. It seems there's something that triggers it for some images as far as I can recall going to another computer over WiFi, but from me as administrator of both computers, and in High Sierra. But that's not always, or even often, the case, and it's been infrequent enough I can't pin it down.

In my case, it's actually saving the file, which is why I have to overwrite it. But Bridge also won't preview the file (it has a generic PSD icon), until I save again. And the folders DO have proper permissions. It will save from PS to the same exact folder without a quibble sometimes, and as I said, occasionally not other times.

It might not be the same thing, but I have to wonder if it's related. It just happened to me yesterday, in fact, but it's been several weeks since the last time it happened.
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I have the same problem. It concerns only Photoshop and I have all rights on the server. With all other programs I tried, like inDesign or Illustrator, the saving works without any problems. I thought it might have something to do with the bug described here:

So it's rather an Adobe problem ...

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Three points. 1. For Synology server users - there is a synnology app called cloud station which will synch effortlessly from your local disk to the server. You can add or remove folders to synch at will.
2. I believe this is a Photoshop permissions issue, that should not exist. However, this seems to be a workaround. From Bridge select your image and in the shortcut menu consistently use "Open With" and choose photoshop. Do not use "Open." Do not double click. This seems to bypass Photoshop permissions and you should be able to save your changes to the server. 
3. It shouldn't be this complicated. I do not believe that the "we do not support working to a server" mantra is valid. This should be fixed by Adobe.
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I am testing with a Mac Server running MacOS 10.13 sharing with SMB, a 2018 MacBook Pro running MacOS 10.14 and Photoshop 20.0.4.

In my testing I have found that I can save PSD files if I have all Finder Windows closed before starting up Photoshop and I open the PSD file through the Photoshop file browser. If I open a Finder window while PS is open I get the can't save error. This method works most of the time. I have not determined what the issue is when it does not, but will post an update if I do.

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Having Finder windows closed does nothing for me.  Multiple customer affected, all versions of Mojave, Photoshop CC 2019. This is ridiculous. It's not an SMB permissions issue.  Adobe needs to fix this.
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I tested using PathFinder as a replacement to OS X Finder, and the problem no longer exists.     But use version 7 as 8 seems problematic.