Photoshop: Type renders all fonts too narrow

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After having reset the character in the Character Pane, all fonts are render too narrow.

Steps to reproduce:
* Create New File, using "Web Most Common" profile.
* "Reset Character" in the Charater Pane
* Select "Horizontal Type Tool" and create a text

Only by adjusting the horizontal scale of the font to 133%, the font is rendered properly.

Answering the obvious questions:
* Yes, the image has square pixels.
* Yes, the image is displayed with Square Pixel Aspect Ratios (From the View-menu)
* Yes, if I open a pre-existing PSD-file (which dates back from before I reset my character panel), the fonts in there are rendered normal. Copying a piece of text from the "old" document and pasting that in a "new" document creates a text with proper font-rendering. Subsequent new texts created with the Type tool continue creating normal text. Only after resetting the text, or creating a new document will result in text being rendered too narrow.
* Yes, the settings displayed in the Character Pane are exactly the same for the properly rendered text and the text that's too narrow.

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Sebastiaan Spijker

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Posted 8 months ago

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Cristen Gillespie

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Is it possible somebody/something messed about with the Justification settings (Paragraph panel flyout menu? That certainly could produce what you're seeing, as could character settings of course, but you're manually adjusting those, so that's ruled out.
Or have you tried resetting the Text tool itself  see if that fixes things (tools, upper left, flyout menu)?
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David Converse

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Try resetting your Photoshop and system font preferences/caches. If something gets corrupted you'll have odd issues.
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David, Official Rep

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Howdy Sebastiaan, 

Are you continuing to have this problem?  Did resetting your prefs help at all?  Do you have this with all new files or just Web Most Common?

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Sebastiaan Spijker

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Hey David,

Thanks for diving into the matter. I'm no longer experiencing the issue of fonts rendering too narrow. The "Reset Character" functionality seems to have resumed normal behavior.

At first, resetting preferences/caches did not work and the problem persisted with all new files and not just Web Most Common. Just now, I tried retracing my steps to reproduce, but I'm no longer able to reproduce the issue. I've successfully managed to reset my characters. Which means it's been fixed. Unfortunately, I don't have a clear answer whether that's due to a recent update I performed.

So, it looks like it's fine, though I regret I can't give viable feedback as to what (and exactly when) fixed the issue.

Again, thanks for diving into the issue.

Best Regards,