Photoshop CC 20.0.1: Transform inconsistencies

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there is transform inconsistency in PS2019

Raster layer > Transform > Keeps proportions
Same raster layer converted to Smart object > Transform > Doesn't keep proportions
Shape layer > Transform > doesn't keep proportions
Vector mask > Transform > keeps proprtiones
Text layer > Transform > Keeps proportions

Are you sure it should work like that???

Please make transformations great again! :)

Thank you
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Posted 4 weeks ago

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There are also different kind of layers in a group, crop area, selection and path, you may see how work.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Inconsistent Constrain Behavior.

The new constrained-by-default change might make logical sense but conflicts with years of muscle memory. I would like to disable it if possible. But even more problematic is the fact that it does not behave consistently depending on what you're transforming:

Pixel Free Transform: New Default-Constrained behavior
Text Free Transform: New Default-Constrained behavior
Vector Shape Free Transform: Legacy Unconstrained behavior
Smart Object Transform: Legacy Unconstrained behavior

I understand there might be some technical issue why text cannot be distorted unless converted to a Smart Object first, but besides that the Free Transform function should work consistently across the board and ideally, be able to be disabled for those of used to the old way. Sure, one might proportionally transform things more often than disproportionally transform them, but the Shift and Option key muscle memory is still in full effect.
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I have to kindly disagree that it's logical sense.

If it were, dozens of programs would not have adopted that behavior for 2 decades.
It is intuitive to do things (draw) freehand and use a modifier to control it.
It is the way life is.
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That's best point I have read! Naturally (outside of computer) we draw without additional tools, but when we want straight line we use modifier ie. ruler (shift)! Can't someone agree with this?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled New transform scaling proportionally without shift for everything *except* vector....

So the new, CC 2019, version of Photoshop has introduced proportional scaling as default behaviour for transforms (where muscle memory ... and the other Adobe programs ... have taught us all for year that you should hold shift). The inconsistency across programs is annoying but not deal-breaking. Inexplicably though, it doesn't even carry over to scaling of vector layers within Photoshop.

At least have it be consistent within the program - and preferably make it a whole suite-wide thing if you really want to change it.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Free Transform's Identity Crisis.

While I support many of the changes in Photoshop 20, Free Transform is the one that baffles me. It feels like it was changed by people who don't understand the tool. 

To start, the tool is literally named Free Transform, and Adobe has just removed the Free part by default. Additionally, it does not align with any other Adobe application. Adobe claims this is to help new users, but it works directly against new users and seasoned users alike. It's not easy switching between Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop with Transform acting inconsistently. 

Speaking of inconsistent, the tool itself works inconsistently. Type and pixels scale constrained. Vector and smart objects scale freely. This is entirely not intuitive. I understand where some people are coming from (Gasp, why would you ever scale pixel or type any other way?), but there are many of us that do. (Oh don't look at me that way! I scale unconstrained a lot while digitally painting!)

Thirdly, give the user some agency (we're really not dumb). If this has to change, then give us an option to choose the default behavior WITHIN the app and make it consistent. Either constrain all or free transform all. 

And before someone says there is a solution to this, creating a text file and placing it in the settings folder is a bandaid, not a solution.