Photoshop CC 2017: Bring back the percentage slider for "Decontaminate Colors"

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In Photoshop CC 2017, the Refine Edge Tool has more or less been replaced by the "Select and Mask" tool (more or less because it is still technically possible to access the refine edge tool).

Overall the improvements are welcome, but one essential feature of our workflow has been removed—the percentage slider for "Decontaminate Colors". Every winter when producing our catalogs we have to cut out hundreds of images with hair in them, and we have always used the decontaminate colors feature. However, 99 times out of 100, 100% decontamination is too strong and so we need to dial it back.

As things stand, we're stuck with either not using it at all or getting results that are frequently very messy due to overcompensation by the decontaminate colors function.

Please, please, PLEASE put the slider back in! The function is broken for us without it.
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Tim Mackey

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Posted 3 years ago

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Ann Shelbourne

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I totally agree.

100% Decontamination is much too harsh and leaves rough pixelated (aliased) edges.

The unfortunate removal of the Decontaminate Slider has made it necessary for me to always use the SHIFT Select & Mask (in the menu) in order to access the old Refine Edge tool instead of using S&M.
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Creative Catalyst

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I feel the same way. The Select and Mask workspace is so hit and miss that I just use the SHFT+Select and Mask from the Select menu to launch the old Refine Mask dialog. I don't see what was so bad taht they got rid of that. It should be a a Legacy option. I hate using Select and Mask.
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Stefan Klein

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I second the need for that slider! But, in the meantime, you can just use S&M without decontamination and use the decontamination command, which exists in the layers menu of Photoshop! It ́s at the bottom of the menu (it ́s called "basis>decontamination" in my german version). It ́s identical to refine edge`s algorithm and has that slider.

Or, just use a layer style (inner glow with appropriate settings). That can do miracles!

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Rick Shepard

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I went back to 2015 because of the decontamination slider removal and the dreadfull results from Select and Mask. Happy to see they took a step back toward the old and very good version, but still WHY NO DECONTAMINATION SLIDER???? Decontaminate layer works, but it's an extra step. 
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> but still WHY NO DECONTAMINATION SLIDER???? Decontaminate layer works, but it's an extra step. >

My theory is that in an effort to make masking the simplest possible task, they oversimplified, so naturally results aren't very good. I don't see any masking software where the computer does most of the heavy lifting, yet S&M seems to be designed  to try to accomplish that.

I keep hoping for easy, too,  but I simply can't get good results with the selection tools and brushes —but today I did have a reason to use the Decontaminate one-click suits all button, and it actually worked. I made 90% of the selection in PS, tried cleaning it up in S&M, and apart from that one-click decontaminate command, nothing went particularly well —and there wasn't a strand of hair or fur or transparency in sight—all hard edges, but (sigh). .  . At least when I finally got to the point I could output the results, Decontaminate did work. I wasn't expecting it to. So sometimes you only need a one -trick pony. The trick is knowing when. <BG>
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Tim Mackey

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Not sure when the feature was added back, but I'm using Photoshop CC 2019 (Photoshop version 19) and I just noticed that the amount slider is back. Hurray!