Lightroom CC: Ability to throttle upload speed

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Lightroom CC takes up too much bandwidth when uploading. Need to add a feature to control this so that people with large collections don't flood their internet connection.
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I am honestly disappointed with Adobe for shipping a product so heavily dependent on the cloud without the option to throttle the upload speed. This is an absolutely crucial feature.
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Agreed - when I turn on syncing, it uses all available upload bandwidth to the point where no devices can access the internet anymore in the house!
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 It would be nice to control the amount of bandwidth used by LRCC.  In my case, I'd like to "dial it up" 
My experience shows no system degradation when LRCC is syncing in the background.  I am able to use the Internet as if LRCC was not running.  I do have a solid connection 100MB down and 10MB up.  LRCC is only using 2.2MB up.
When I am away from my Mac, it would be nice to be able to let LRCC use 100% of the bandwidth available.
Don't take this as a complaint, just a suggestion :) 


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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom CC: Please add an option to throttle the bandwidth used during syncing.

Uploading my Lightroom catalog to the cloud has made my network unusable for hours.  Please add a setting to throttle the rate of data sent during syncing so that other apps can also use the network too.
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i wish i had this problem, my uploads using Lr CC are SO slow its just about unusable. its taking days. anyone have any ideas why this might be?

cheers folks and happy holidays
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I have ~750 GB of photos I'd like to upload. Can't do that if it's going to saturate my network and kill everything (which it did the first couple times I tried to sync files). Please figure out controls like Dropbox/Amazon Drive have to throttle the number of concurrent files as well as the bandwidth?
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This is absolutely a crucial feature. The product has been out for almost a year. This needs to be done
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If your network becomes unusable, I would recommend getting a better router. One that does QoS (quality of service) or some other form of traffic shaping. If you are on cable internet another option is to get a cable modem that uses more channels which will also help. This is a very typical problem with low-quality routers and asymmetric internet connections and is not really Lightroom's doing but has to do with your router and cable modem not adequately managing traffic. It could definitely be solved by making Lightroom throttle of course and that would be a good idea but it is a more fundamental issue with your network if this happens.