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After using the new Lightroom CC a bit, I really like where it is going. There are a few major holdups that would be nice to be addressed.

Whats awesome:

- Speed. It seems far faster and easier to navigate then Classic.

- No “rooms”. Coming from Aperture, the “room” idea feels rather hindering when it comes to true efficiency. The lack of rooms really makes the program snappier and a whole lot more enjoyable.

- Much better UI. The UI is leaps and bounds better then Classic. The rectangle-within-rectangle design of Classic wastes so much screen space its not even funny. The new LR feel far more like Aperture then it does Classic, which is a great thing.

What could be enhanced (certainly not limited to these though):

- Add local storage management back to the app. Many people want the benefit of the new platform and engine enhancements, but are not keep on being forced to use cloud. For me, the cost would be prohibitive, and the pain would be great. Even in Silicon Valley, most people have slow upload speeds as well as monthly data caps. Not everyone has corporate-level internet at home.

- Add back Merge tools. HDR and Pano merge are a huge bonus feature that only Lightroom offers. No other app offers the ability to merge yet retain RAW benefits. This feature keeps people on LR, so not adding it to the new LR seems crazy.

- Enhanced import and export. The import and export features are amazingly lackluster - especially for a Pro caliber app. This also includes printing features.

- Manual Geotagging. Lots of cameras still do not have GPS, which makes this manual geotagging feature imperative.

- Better metadata tools. Being able to batch edit all metadata, date, etc is key. Metadata is half of the picture, so its management should also be top notch.

Overall, the new LR feels like one step forward and two steps back. Some things, such as speed and UI, it nails. But when it comes to the daily features, it feels more on par with Apple Photos then anything else. (And Apple Photos doesn’t even force users to the Cloud!)
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Your enthusiasm for the new Lightroom CC product is great. Feature requests, or Ideas as they are called here in the forum work far better when you have only one Idea per post. Adobe tracks individual feature requests by combining like threads and accumulating votes. When you post many ideas in a single post, it is difficult to ascertain votes for the individual features or to combine them with existing feature requests. 

Your best option is to: 

1. Check to see if the feature has been requested already, then adding your +1 to it by clicking on the Vote button and adding any text to add clarity to the request. 

2. If the feature is not already posted, create an idea for the discreet feature so that others can vote and add their thoughts.

Please consider breaking your many ideas up into individual posts.