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It has just occurred to me, after wasting three more hours trying to get LR to actually apply my develop settings so that I can begin grading yesterdays shoots that, if Adobe's crappy software finally manages to put me out of business (and it seems to be trying) that the one upside will be that I will no long have to rent Adobe's crappy software any more.

If anyone from Adobe is actually reading and thinks that maybe, perhaps, the idea of Adobe putting its customers out of business is not such a crash hot idea, could I suggest you start to actually address the long list of unaddressed and recurring problems and maybe, for a change, begin to implement some of the suggestions that have been made. 

I find it unbelievable that Adobe have not only failed to fix the problems to which we have had to find workarounds but now seem to have broken the workarounds as well. 
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  • Very, very angry.

Posted 2 years ago

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Other than failing to apply your develop settings, you don't give us enough information to help, like Mac or PC? Operating system version, LR version? Or maybe you don't want help, you just want to vent? Sometimes the problem is in the underlying operating system, not in the software? Aside from the side panels go black bug, I'm not having any problems. iMac 21" Retina, macOS Sierra 10.12.3.
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Carlos makes a valid point. Having a programming background myself, I suspect LR has probably morphed into a bunch of "spaghetti code" by now and probably due for a complete re-write. Posts in the forums support his dissatisfaction and are echoed by many, including myself.
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Old, old problems Carlos. So old... Mac Sierra, Mac Mini, current versions.

Apply Auto Tone to all shots then Build Standard Size Previews (go make a coffee, walk the dog - see "Mac Mini") so that I can safely apply my own custom settings without Auto Tone competing with my setting for the Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites and Black sliders (Been asking for simpler Auto Exposure for years which would fix this - nothing). Build Standard Sized Previews again (make another coffee, bake a slice to have with it, watch Netflix) and then come back to find that the original Auto Tone pass didn't stick, so exposures aren't "normalised", hit Reset All and start again.

Now, I should be able to set a develop setting on import that uses Auto Exposure to set just the exposure slider and couple it with my crop factor and my own preset to set shadows etc and get on with selecting and grading and not have to build previews (allowing them to be applied when the image loads in Develop - I take 1,000 pix, deliver 60 - I'd rather not render all 1,000) but because Auto Tone competes for sliders with my settings and for some stoopid f%^*ing reason we're apparently not adult enough to preset our crop ratios, I have had to accept the preview build pass to ensure Auto Tone is finished before I can apply my develop settings and then the next pass to ensure that all worked out and some shots didn't get skipped over for some reason.

Fine. OK. I accept we must have workarounds. But now, even rendering previews doesn't guarantee that the settings are, in fact applied and, even after the building previews pass, 600 of my 1,000 shots are randomly untouched, so reset, start again. FREAKIN' HOURS!

Jim, you're no doubt right about the spaghetti, as indicated by the fixed, broken, fixed, broken cadence of some issues from update to update. I've worked in development myself and I remember the coders version of the swear jar where you had to drop a coin every time you said, "But I never changed THAT line!" in response to a new issue. This is why I accept workarounds.

 But, perhaps, while they have teams feverishly working in the iPhone and Apple TV versions (WTF?!), maybe they could put a few people on a new build, or even just implement features like non-competitive Auto Exposure and allowing crop factors in develop settings so I can get on with grading and delivering...

And yes, of course I'm venting. Experience tells me that logging bugs or feature requests is totally fruitless because Adobe aren't listening. They're in a race to the bottom and are too busy adding Apple TV apps and support for mobile phones to address the needs of pros. I keep looking for alternatives but I hang in there hoping for progress from Adobe. Sad really.