Lightroom Classic: Slow loading previews

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Dear Adobe,

Major issues with Lightroom and now Lightroom "classic" being so slow, I can check emails while previews are loading, even though previews have already been built. I emailed you, you sent me here. Why? Was it so I wouldn't feel so alone? Thanks. I have LOTS of company here in what I've come to know as "The Misery Bin". We're like a bunch of misfit toys here. Tons of issues, none have been addressed. 

I have two more weddings from October that I'm scrambling to finish so I can migrate my workflow to ACDSee Studio. It's amazing. Familiar enough layout to easily switch from Lightroom, MUCH cheaper ($13 a month), and can be customized so keyboard shortcuts are the same as Lightroom. And it runs like a high level RAW photo editor and organizer should run. I'm telling you this because I'm hoping that anyone and everyone who reads this will give ACDSee a try. 

The worst part? You'll still get my money each month because I use and need the other adobe programs that come with creative cloud. That's the worst part - you will do absolutely nothing, just as you have done absolutely nothing over the past several years as the issues with Lightroom's speed have steadily grown worse as the program itself has slowed down. You'll do nothing because there's no incentive for you to do so. People can bitch and moan all they want, but if they need Photoshop, or Premiere, or AfterEffects, they'll have to keep on paying you and it won't matter that Lightroom has become a moss-covered sloth of a program. You'll keep raking in those bucks and profits will soar because none of that cash will be sunk back into, oh I don't know, maybe fixing the issues with lightroom. 

The ability to address each and every one of the issues here is within your grasp. You're simply choosing to do nothing.

I ain't even mad. Just very disappointed.
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Posted 2 years ago

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well said.  in general there was more a rush when it was actual software to make each run better than the next.  there are so many things that could be helped and fixed and the community here is literally trying to just make it better.   we don't get money for the research and feedback.  but we are both clients and investors in this technology.  without the community, there is no product a wise man once said.  
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I am disgusted by their ambivalence toward their customers pain, and Adobe's pension for corporate greed. They're NOT a community player. If they are going to discontinue the perpetual version, at lease leave us with one that works WELL.
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Thanks Rob. Totally agreed. I'm done trying to help. I posted something the other day, a survey of unfixed issues and unresolved feature requests, and got shut down by fanboys and girls who are "tired of the complaints". Well screw them. 

When Adobe moved to the subscription model I was quite positive towards it because I didn't have to find a few grand up front. But now I see what it's really about. Addiction. They knew what they were doing. They have spreadsheets, I'm sure, showing how they can slash the cost of support and development with this model - 'cause they sure do very little of either.

Like you, it's difficult for me to tell Adobe where to get off because there are apps in their suite for which I can't find an alternative. Thankfully LR ain't one of them. Paid my Luminar purchase and awaiting the update. In the meantime I'll give ACDSee a look.
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Send the fanboys and girls my way. :-)
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I have the same experience with "fan-boys and girls". Especially in forums and fb-groups. Some of them you suspect beeing Adobe shareholders  ... Speaking of which - they seem to be the ones that benefit from Adobe sotware the most. 
In a good company the order of priority should be customers > employees > shareholders. Unfortunately it seems the exact reverse order at Adobe. No wonder though, that's what happens when their is no need to develop upgrades that customers find worth to invest their money in and you can forget anything about R&D and lean back on subscription fees that come in like a "pay check" month after month.