Photoshop 21.1.1: The "Lumenzia" extension could not be loaded because it was not properly signed

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Im using Creative cloud with the latest version of Photoshop 21.1.1 on a Windows 10 machine with all the updates, fresh Win installed one week ago and everything was working perfectly until today when without any special reason I got this message when I try to use my Lumenzia panel in Photoshop: The "Lumenzia" extension could not be loaded because it was not properly signed.


I had this issue in the past on Windows 7, different version of Photoshop, different panels, the Regedit workaround (PlayerDebugMode = 1) fixed the issue in the past but not this time.



I created a new string PlayedDebugMode = 1, restarted the Photoshop and after restart i get this, black screen on Lumenzia panel, is not loading at all.



I need to mention that I tried to reinstall Photoshop, deleted all extension folders, older version of Lumenzia, still the same issue.


Another mention, Raya Pro panels are working fine.

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Posted 3 months ago

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Official Response
Hi Liubomir-

I am the developer of Lumenzia.

That error is specific to the files for a single panel. It is not related to a failure of Photoshop, so reinstalling Photoshop will not help. And success with one panel does not mean anything about the ability to use other panels (many times I have seen customers get this error with the main Lumenzia panel and see the Basics panel work just fine, even though they are installed together from the same ZIP download).

This error message simply means that the installed files are not 100% identical to the files created by the software developer. This could be a missing file, a changed file, an unexpected file, a change in the file metadata (date), etc. The advice that follows would apply to pretty much any extension panel you might install for Photoshop.

In my experience, this error nearly always is caused by one of the following issues:
  1. The file metadata has been altered because the files were unzipped and subsequently placed on a cloud or network drive.
  2. The file metadata is incorrect because the files were unzipped using a 3rd-party unzip tool which does not support signed files. This is very common for Windows users who are much more likely to install such tools. 3rd-party tools are pretty rare on MacOS, but I've occasionally seen them become an issue.
  3. Files (typically ones with a JS, JSX, or JSXBIN extension) have been removed and placed in quarantine due to false positive detection by anti-virus software. Removal of any file is an issue, but unknown JavaScript files are more likely to be viewed with suspicion by default.

The solution is to start over from the ZIP download file and:
  1. Unzip the ZIP file on the same drive where you have installed Photoshop.
  2. Use the unzip tools built into the operating system. On Windows, you must right-click and use the "Extract All" command built into Windows (if you do not see that option, you may need to uninstall your 3rd-party unzip software to get it back).
  3. If you use anti-virus software, make sure to whitelist any quarantined files.**
** I write the Lumenzia code myself. While I try to submit code samples to all the major anti-virus companies, I may not get it to your specific vendor. And it is up to them to fix their code signatures, that is out of my control.

Please contact me directly if you need anything else. I'm always happy to help my customers.

Greg Benz