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I am running in to many small annoyances with the new Lightroom CC, which are not necessary feature requests but more improvements of the way things work:
  1. The ability to remove keywords in bulk. I started adding some keywords but changed my mind about the strategy. There seems to be no easy way to remove or rename keywords in bulk. I have to go to each photo and remove them, or add them to all my photos and then remove them in bulk. This is very labor intensive which it shouldn't be.
  2. Also, it would be really helpful to be able to click on a keyword and see other images tagged with the same keyword
  3. The info bar shows which albums a photo is in, but I would also like to see the folders since they are a key organisation tool (similar to collection sets in Classic).
  4. I would like to be able to edit keyboard shortcuts or at least assign some to the many commands. 
  5. Related to the previous, it would make much more sense to cycle through the ratings with the [ and ] key versus the pick flags, since they are not incremental while a rating is
  6. I miss the option to pick/see my favourite presets. I have many and it is a pain in the ass to go through them to find the one I need
  7. The ability to ungroup all stacks in an album at once
  8. Connect the location field in the info panel to Google Maps API or similar, so that I get auto suggestions when I type a location (see: 
  9. Often when I double click on an image in grid view, I am taken back to the first image in the album instead of the full screen version of the image I click on
  10. When applying a mask, way to reset all mask settings (similar to Classic) by double clicking on something (or an icon)
  11. Option ot invert a mask
  12. Easy way to level a gradient mask with the frame
  13. Compare split view (matching the icon) versus the before and after toggle using \
  14. Highlight and shadow lipping indictor in histogram (now I have to use option + move slider to see if there is clipping)
  15. (related to previous) I like the look of the new histogram but I find it less usable since the bars hits the top of the panel (the dark line) and this makes it very hard (if not impossible) to read and thus determine if the bars are clipping or not. I feel that a little bit more 'breathing space' for the histogram on all sides would improve this a lot!
  16. Also it would be great if clicking on the histogram would toggle between RGB channels
  17. I miss the option being able to manually identify faces in a photo (which I hate doing, but I notice the algorithms still miss quite a lot of faces). Alternatively: if you give a keyword tag "Firstname Lastname" to each person in the people view, and I manually add this keyword to a photo which wasn't identified properly, it should be picked up as a person.
I will keep updating this post as I run into these type of annoyances, it is not feasible to make separate posts for each and all of them, and there might be some already to begin with. 
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