Lightroom CC2015.6: Import Problem

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Hi Folks-
Been a month now since some of us were introduced to the beach ball that was hiding in our Mac. Oh, but it isn't just Mac's, it's PC's, too! And it's not just older machines it's newer ones that are very high end. And it's not just the GPU, or the external drives, or the amount of RAM (although you will crash a bit sooner if you have less RAM). Could it be because you are on a network, no?  Oh, and it's not just an import crash, it slows while editing, it even eats up RAM while idling. Oh, you just might see some color discrepancies in your printing, too.

And it's not just an Adobe problem, because the memory crash destabilizes other machine functions. On my machine the memory crash has wiped out non-Adobe functions. Lightroom has almost become a virus. I've taken to calling it "Blightroom". 
In the past month my Mac has crashed more times than in all the years I've owned it combined. And that doesn't count the times I've prevented it from crashing by force quitting LR.

Here's the idea! Tell us in one official place what is going on. It should be on the Lightroom Blog that is normally reserved for sunshine, lollipops, and new release hype.  You need a pipeline of honest communication to your users. It's time for Mr. Tranberry to step up.

About a week ago, in one of the threads on one of these forums, an Adobe person said they had "isolated the problem" and Adobe were working to fix it. 
OK- What IS the problem?

Inform us of the suspected class of machines, the prognosis, the hoped for delivery date of a solution. Adobe needs to take direct responsibility for communications on these issues, not rely on the scattered forum posts with vague headings and the threads mark solved when the solution is "roll back", or the solution is proven inadequate. 
A month of disaster. A full month now. Having been in high tech customer service it is unfathomable that there hasn't been an official response, unless the number of users affected is quite small, or if Adobe feel that they can sustain a certain number of dissatisfied users. If that is the case, tell us!  I love my Adobe products when they work, but I won't be recommending Lightroom to anyone I like for a while. 

The prevailing wisdom is "roll back", usually with a link to Ms. Bampton's instructions. 
Fine- I'll roll back. When will we know it's safe to roll forward? Will it ever be safe?
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That Open Letter post was great and pretty much nailed the user perspective. It seems as threads go on, the focus drifts from the problems that some users are experiencing to vague rantings or excuses.  It prompted me to try to refocus someone in Adobe on the problem at hand.
Users have a real world issue when we cannot rely upon the product. I can only imagine someone working time sensitive sessions trying to deal with this. 

There is  merit on Adobe's part, from a troubleshooting perspective, to remain relatively silent. I've worked with help desks that are instructed to feign ignorance.  The script is pretty much- "Oh, really? Wow! We haven't seen that problem before. Let me try to help you out with that." The people on the help desk build a database, figure out the pattern, and escalate it to those who can fix it. 
There are reasons to do it that way, I understand. Marketing and engineering management each have an interest in doing that. As I've said elsewhere- stuff happens in complex programs, they can't test for everything. There is a huge universe of users out there who don't seem to be having these problems.
Then there are those who should "roll back." 
Was there a breakdown at Adobe in diagnosis or was the problem that extraordinary?  In my experience it is atypical for an issue  like this to span various operating systems and hardware configurations.  All the suggestions of workarounds are nonsense. It worked in the last iteration- what did you change?  

I respect Adobe, and Adobe should respect their users.