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After 2 months switching from Lightroom Classic CC and photos  (On Mac) to Lightroom CC, I have to face not only to artificial limitation but import and sync problems :

Because Lightroom CC does not manage more than 1 catalog, I've firstly imported (a batch of 2-3000 photos) in fact only one catalog. Thankfully I do not use hierarchical keyword but discover later it does not help because adobe decide it does not sync anymore for some technical reason.

Secondly I've decide to export my photos from Mac OS to a directory and then import them in Lightroom CC. (A batch of around 7000 photos). And for an unknown reason, Lightroom decide it will not import the whole set but only around 5000 photos. Don't know why.

Thank to  lot of time I have in front front of me, I will manually check what photo was imported or not. 

But now, I have a another real problem ->

About Lightroom classic CC (Why CC and not Lightroom classic or Lightroom 7.5 ??) :
LR classic is stuck in sync. As far I've understand, LR classic is about to download some information of my library. (My aim is to use classic to filter photo or compensate weakness or LR CC)
LR Classic is slow and near unresponsive.
Whats going on? 1 month to sync 2000 photos with a 100Mb fiber internet? 
If I clic delete all sync data, it open a web page to delete all my data????
Can I unistall LR Classic?

One more thing : What is the aim of "specify location for LR CC ecosystem?" 

LR Classic indicates 10.819 photos

About Lr from CC :

As previously mentioned I only own the photo that was imported. Everything is fine, LR CC is fast, responsive but stuck me in Adobe ecosystem with (probably artificial) no export, no print, no offline no powerful filter no smart folder no offline  search etc. Everybody complain about this. But LR CC works.

It works only when my Mac does not fall asleep! As soon I weak up my Mac, LR CC hang and I need to force quit!! Not a big problem, but I would prefer not.

LR CC indicates 7867 photos

About Lr Web : 
For an unknown reason, I decided for the very first time to see what going on LR Web. I have to admit LR web is a pretty well idea. This way I will maybe not have to install LR CC in my professional computer.
Sounds great job for me.

But I've discover LR web own a special directory "sync problem". in French "problème de synchronisation".
Here are (I thing) the previous 3000+ missing photos.
Are they here? 

Is there a way to select the whole thing and not one by one and delete them?

LR web indicate 3100 sync problem photos

When I clic on a missing photo, it ask me to launch again LR CC (Nothing happen anyway) but it indicates 11.007 photos.

Why 10.819 photos on LR classic. 
Why 7867 + 3100 photos on LR web.
Why 11.0007 photos on the viewer page LR Web.

Is there a solution for me solving this not to lose anything? 

Meanwhile I continue paying a whole 1TB when 200Gb is enough, paying photoshop I don't care about.

Adobe people : we need more flexibility in your offer. I need a powerful Lightroom CC with 200GB (evolutive) without classic and without photoshop. Maybe later I will need 500Gb.

But the whole set at 24€/month is far too expensive to manage photos.

I remember to compare I own microsoft office365  for 5 people, 5*1Tb one drive and so on for 10€/month!!! And office 365 works. Collaborative, family plans etc etc.


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Update : I've succeed in deleting the whole 3100 photos which where not synchronize in LR CC using LR WEB!! Not bad
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Update 2 : It seems deleting help LR classic to sync not 84 photos by 84 photos then stuck but by batch of 5 or 6 photos.

But the number of sync photo is to the same in the 2 picture.

I would really like to now what is the aim of "specify location for LR CC??" 
Is it when we decide in Lr CC to stock a copy of all picture? Or only on selected folder? Adobe can you be more explicit about this before once again us testing ?

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After 2,50 hours battle I stop for now. 
Number total of photos developed or managed : 0 - zip
Number total of problem solved : 1 (discovered and deleted 3000 non imported photos)
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Hi Olivier

Yes, I too have been struggling along with some of the issues you've been having.

Quite frequently suffering with incorrect sync numbers between Classic and CC. It can take some fiddling to fix them too, as you don't always get enough (or any) information to help.

My latest fix included 'Rebuilding Sync data' in Classic, resetting caches in Classic, Reinstalling Classic, hunting down as many anomalies as I could manually - most of these appeared to be metadata errors in some JPEG files I have. For some reason Lightroom was unable to overwrite the metadata to the file, so I had the read into the catalogue from the file to fix this. I've since turned off the feature to write metadata directly to JPEG files.

Lightroom Web is a good idea, but poorly implemented so far. It's OK for quick family viewing, but for management and editing, it's far too painful a workflow.

Despite the advice to not use LR CC and Classic on one machine, I find I need to use Lightroom CC Desktop to manipulate albums into folders after syncing from Classic - trying to achieve this in the web interface is not pleasant. They really need to add Folder/Collection Set syncing.

It does feel like I'm battling with syncing problems and bugs more often than I'm working with my collection.

I also recently attempted to migrate fully to Lightroom CC, but I managed to find an anomaly in the ecosystem that allowed accidental removal of original images from the 'backup' in the cloud if you try to use syncing with only the cut down subscription plan.

The thing is of course, since upgrading to the subscription version (from Standalone v6), I'm finding I want to reorganise, in order to accommodate using CC better, and the processing tools have evolved, so I also want to go back and reprocess many images. All of that does seem to bring out the worst parts of Lightroom.

I also agree with the subscription packages, something I started a separate thread on some time ago. I wouldn't mind just having Lightroom Classic and the 20GB, I don't really want the rest of it all. The 1TB storage is rather pointless with that too, as you can't upload originals from Classic anyway.

Generally I find the Lightroom CC plans and apps all too often frustrating to use. However, the reality of it is that there's nothing else out there to compete, especially at the price.

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Olivier, re your "specify location" question:

This help document describes it's use (Scroll down to 'Set Sync Preferences")

Use this feature to move the Lightroom CC images that are synced to your PC to a different location other than the default location.
In particular the document describes doing this to prevent other cloud products like OneDrive/Google Drive etc. from double syncing the data to/from the cloud when the files are in the default '/Pictures' folder.