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I'm opening a new topic regarding the new text problems introduced with Photoshop 13.0.5 (Mac) and, which seem like a result of attempting to fix earlier font-size reporting issues.

This is worse than before, because:

1) It happens a lot more often (I can open a new file and reproduce the bug easily).
2) Now some properties are "scale aware" and some aren't, resulting in quite a messy experience when editing text.

Bug A (OS X, 13.0.5):

1) Open a new photoshop file.
2) Create a text layer, type a word, commit.
3) Using the transform layer tool, scale the layer up significantly (say 200-300%)
4) Using the text tool, select the word, copy.
5) Using the text tool, click empty area to create a new text layer, paste.

Expected: Same text size the layer I copied AFTER scaling it.
Actual: Smaller text as the text layer was originally created.

Bug B (OS X, 13.0.5):

1) Create a text layer with "add space after paragraph" to 10pt.

2) Scale the text layer using the transform tool to 300%.

Expected: "add space after paragraph" must show as 30pt now, and render as 30pt.

Actual: "add space after paragraph" shows as 10pt, *BUT RENDERS* as 30pt.

The same bug may apply to other text layer settings (kerning, tracking etc.).

The result can be two text fields with identical settings, yet different rendering, example file:


Bug C (Windows,

After scaling a text layer with the transform tool, I observe "magical" multiplication of the values I enter for various properties of the text layer, like "add space after paragraph".

I enter there 10, hit enter, the text box becomes 20.
I enter 20, hit enter, the text box becomes 40.

This also happens with the other settings. For example:

I enter "Tracking" 50, the text box becomes 21.
I enter 21, the text box becomes 8.
I enter 8, the text box becomes 3.

Obviously, that makes any text editing very hard.
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Okay, I can finally post this:

We have made many fixes to the behavior of transformed text and they are now available in the latest release, Photoshop 14.1, which you can download RIGHT NOW. I will acknowledge, there are still a few lingering issues to resolve, but for most users, these fixes should handle their problems. We felt it was better to get a partial fix out now than a perfect fix in the future. We are still planning additional improvements for a coming release.

If you are still struggling with problems, by all means let us know so we can make sure we address them.

Thanks and enjoy!