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Ipeven in a catalog with twenty images , local storage of files, converted to dang, with 1:1 previews made tablet mode locks up the machine. It attempts to move forward after a swipe up flag or swipe down flag and the flag notification stays on screen and the entire application stops responding.

Given its triggering the develop module (first off in filmstrip mode it should be using the library module not develop, so we can cull with speed) it's about twenty or so times slower than using develop on the main computer mode. Even if the typical develop mode is zoomed in

Given the increasing prevalence of tablets, a desire by most to cull quickly, and the fact that an iPad with Lightroom mobile and synce files can do this seamlessly, it's ridiculous that a one year old processor, fast ssd, and 8 gigs of ram can't handle is.

Adobe you need to fix the performance of the tablet mode, shift filmstrip view in that mode to library module from develop, and bring the performance up to par.

It seems like every subsequent release gets slower and slower and slower. Even when updating machines to the current best in tandem.

It's time to refine this code base and freeze features for a year until you can make Lightroom perform at least an acceptable level on all modes and with all features.

To the community can you recommend Lightroom replacements - I'm considering photo mechanic formulating but it's not feature rich enough for the price from what I see. Then again I'd rather have less features and an app that works.

Alternate methods of culling on a Windows tablet would be appreciated. It needs to be catalog based not requiring digging into nested folders.
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Can you please confirm your system specs?
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It's a surface pro 3 top model. i7/512gb/8 gb

Intel 5900 graphics but given the name of the mode is tablet mode it should be expected to use integrated.

The biggest issue with tablet mode is likely that Adobe has decided to run the entire mode off the develop module. It's very clear filmstrip mode should be based off the library module and when adjustments are kadeit Behold switch. Just like the regular interface does. There's no reason to push the system to flag. Rate. And generally cull by activating development mode for that menial a task. We're the library module the foundation for these tasks the subsequent switching would work even off mains when maximum power management was in effect.

It's a tablet mode. I can't think of many tablets using discreet graphics. And the fact this environment can be used on a four year old iPad without issue and the fact the development module activation in this mode is about 1/3 standard development speed - that to me points to the fact it's not coded properly. There won't be a setting or workflow change to make. This is a bug which will require minimum intervention from engineering and likely a reconsideration of the top level used for its implementation.

As a course of troubleshooting I've tried a it every single setting available for previews, files, and catalogs.

I feel confident that nothing can be done on my end to remedy this. But I'm all ears. Or eyes as it were.
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You don't have to use the touch workspace (which is in the Develop module). If you just want to flip through photos and rate them via touch, that works directly in Library too. For the develop module, my guess is that the GPU is under powered for the device. Have you check with the Windows update/Intel to see if there is an updated/improved driver?
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Sonisbtuere some other way to flag and rate by touch that wouldn't include elements on the screen which rank about 1/10 the size of a fingertip? Which isnwhat I see when in the library module. The tablet mode is geared towards touching the screen accurately andneasilynright? Touching the tiny flags and stars would be impossible. Is there s gesture or way to increase elements to a reasonable size?

Aware of
P and x and have auto advance turned on butt rehung times the and cull with flags in the library module as is by default Is Impossible.

As for the underpowered gpu. Let me ask you this. Why is the standard develop
Module five times faster than the tablet mode module? It performs acceptably in develop
In the standard layout when keyboard is attached and culling with p x and auto advance but he tablet
Mode slows things down amazingly.

Finally there's not going to be a tablet which contains a discreet gpu on a regular basis. And given the performance of the general development area vs the tablet mode is suggest it's not an underpowered you that's the issue but the coding of the program.

Everything is up to date. I created an advanced power profile including maxing the gpu (which is never an opinion with the standard unchangeable connected standby power profile. That helped things but again the performance issues are specific to tablet mode.

If you can tell me how to get touch elements in the library module that mimic the toxin mode controls either with swop up and down or big stars to tap that would be great. It would eliminate my need to venture into the tablet mode. Maybe I just missed a way to cull straight from the library mode by touch with properly sized elements or gestures.