LIGHTROOM System time incorrectly interpreted as UTC

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Hi there,

I am using OS X 10.9.3 with Lightroom 5.5 and I have come across a time bug in Lightroom.

When importing photos which have NOT got any Exif data, Lightroom uses the timestamp of the file to determine date and time. This works correctly for folder creation but does not work correctly for the filename renaming.

Take the below example I just used myself to replicate the problem.

1. Setup your system timezone to anything other than UTC (I will be using Alaskan time for this example)
2. Create or Download a picture with no exif data (one from the internet should work)
3. Lets say it was created at 20:00 (alaskan time) on the 8th of July 2014 when the file was saved to your hard drive. (I am using a NTFS based drive for this so my filesystem will have saved the timestamp in UTC (9th of July 04:00) but OS X will display it in a human readable format (UTC+system timezone))
4. Import the file into Lightroom, choose to have Lightroom create subfolders based on dates and set Lightroom to rename the file using date as well

The end result is the following,
1. Sub folder created in Lightroom under July > 8 which is expected and correct
2. The picture is renamed to CustomText_2014-July-09-sequencenumber which is not correct.

Lightroom seems to correctly interpret the time when creating the subfolders, but when renaming the file it would appear that Lightroom either incorrectly choses to use UTC time, or it is not taking timezone into consideration.

I would assume the later because I can't really think of a real world example where you would want the folders created in local time but have the filename in UTC?
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