Lightroom Classic: Synchronize Folder hangs

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Lightroom Classic CC, latest version, freezes when I use "Synchronize folder" and have the "show import dialog before continuing" option selected. (Not only does it freeze but it ends up using a ton of CPU, more than 200% per Activity Monitor, and the fans start going like crazy.)

Lightroom synchronizes the folder just fine when I DON'T have that option selected, but I need to be able to use that option. The problem occurs whether or not the "scan for metadata updates" option is selected.

I'm on a Macbook Pro, latest version of Mojave. In Lightroom, the issue occurs for me in the latest version of Lightroom Classic CC. Per a different forum post in which someone solved their problem by downgrading to v 7.5, I tried that but the problem remains.

I did NOT have the problem in Lightroom 6 (from 2015), which was what I was using until just recently when I got a new computer and needed to upgrade my OS. I'm still trying to get back up and running with Lightroom on the rebuilt system, and this problem is keeping me from moving forward.

I've tried resetting preferences to no avail.

This is a folder with a lot of images (more than 15,000). Do I just need to give it all day to run for the first time or something? There are only 26 images in the folder that have changed.
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Posted 4 months ago

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I don't know what your workflow is, but running a synchronize on a folder of 15K+ images just to get 26 of them updated probably isn't going to be terribly efficient.  When you tell Lr to show the import dialog box, it's going to look at all those files, pull up thumbnails, look for duplicates, etc.  If I were you, I'd consider breaking things down into smaller buckets going forward.
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I do get this as well(Win 10), even when syncing a folder with 20 images. This has been happening since version 8 I believe. See below video. n.b. that LR does not recover from this state. I have to kill the program and do it the way that HB mentions it works(not use the import dialog). This folder has only 129 photos. 

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Thanks much for the fast reply, Tom. I have it set up that way because I'm using the Pin4Ever browser extension to back up Pinterest pins to my computer, and the way that works is everything has to go in one folder. It doesn't have an option to organize it differently, and if I were to put those photos into different folders, it would cause the extension to think the photos didn't exist.

On Lightroom 6 (2015) things worked fine with this workflow, even though it was slow. I.e. things would show up right away in the import dialog. It would take a while to process, granted, but it didn't freeze up, and I could just do other things in the meantime. This was with the same number of photos and same general proportion of them that changed. 

On these more recent versions of Lightroom, it is a totally different issue. The problem is not that it is slow but that the program completely freezes up, with nothing happening at all (no thumbnails ever show up)  and I have to force quit the program, which is a very different matter.

Is there anything else I can try?
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A Preference File will survive a Lightroom uninstall/reinstall. Sometimes weird behavior is corrected/cured by resetting the preferences. 

Reset Procedure:

1. Close Lightroom.
2. Hold down [Alt/Opt]+[Shift] while restarting Lightroom. 
3. Overwrite the Preferences when prompted by the dialog.
4. Close Lightroom.
5. Restart Lightroom.

Does the behavior continue after resetting the preferences?

If so, tell us about the drive you are using where the folder you are attempting to synchronize resides. 

If you chose a different drive and folder does it work?