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For around half a year (start using iPhone 7 plus), I've been experiencing sync issues to the desktop for all types of images (jpg, dng, HDR dng). This is for around 5% of the images. The error message is „Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo. Error syncing with Lightroom Mobile.“ On Mobile, the image looks good.
It’s not clear whether the synced image is incomplete or damaged because of other reasons.
Is there a way to resync the image?
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Posted 2 years ago

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If you are able to identify a specific image that fails to sync:

1. Can you see it by going to and logging in with your Adobe ID?
2. If you can't see it there, will the specific image sync if you connect to your computer with a cable and attempt a conventional import?
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Can you try this :
Close LrD.
Delete Sync.lrdata” folder from "\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom\Caches\Sync Data" on windows
Start LrD.
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I’m actually doing this, though the resync has not finished, yet.
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Hi Ralf,

1) What kind of images are those ?
2) Is there any "All sync errors" collection created in the left panel in Lightroom desktop which contains these faulty images ? If yes, please try to re-sync those images again (by clicking the sync icon on them)
3) What do you see in the preferences tab-Lightroom mobile section ?
4) Is it that the images are synced (download), but the text is still showing as syncing in Lightroom desktop ?
Sometimes there will be a scenario wherein the images are downloaded to Lightroom desktop, but the text message still shows syncing.
5) You can try to re-sync those image by removing them from Lightroom mobile, and then re importing them so that it'll start to sync again.
Probably you can try this step for one image, and see if that works, and then proceed for others.

Please let me know.

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I also have experienced this problem, but at a lower rate: 1 or 2 images fail to sync per couple of thousand in the LR Mobile collection. I run LR Mobile on an iPhone 7.

I have seen cases where my iPhone thinks sync'ing has been successful, but LR Web shows a few images have not successfully transferred (e.g. the show as grey squares) and LR desktop shows messages related to the particular images in Preferences->Lightroom Mobile. 

Just last night though I had an instance where LR Mobile shows images pending (e.g. 1 image pending) for which it can't make progress, and these images do not show up in LR Web or on LR desktop, and LR desktop indicates "no sync activities" under Preferences->Lightroom Mobile.

Either way, my fix has been:

1) identifying the stuck images files (by name), which is easy if LR desktop is showing errors for the offending images but a pain if it isn't (most recently, I had to go through file counts by day, and then identify missing files by file sequence number on the computers file system (e.g. Finder);

2) going through the LR Mobile Photos to find those files (complete pain in the neck because LR Mobile doesn't allow searching by filename);

3) removing offending files from LR Mobile (this stinks if one has already changed ratings, etc or done some editing); and finally

4) re-adding the offending files to the LR Mobile collection (say from my iPhone's camera roll).

I believe the sync process needs a more robust way of inventorying assets on LR Mobile, Web, and Desktop to be able to properly track the state of the sync'ing process so that it can be made more reliable. In the meantime though, LR mobile could use better reporting to speed the manual unfubar-ing process that we're currently stuck with.

At any rate, I've taken heart in the additional of the "Prevent From Sleep" feature that's been added - it's made the sync process almost usable. Now it would be great if Adobe could take it the last couple of yards and make it reliable! 
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Sorry for my late response. During the last shooting, 23 out of 55 have sync errors, which seems to be quite high.
These are mainly DNG shot by iPhone 7 plus. The issue is I shot them within Lightroom. What I could do is save them to the camera roll, delete them on Mobile and reimport them.
These images appear in All Sync Errors. I re-sync them, but after a while they reappear with the error.